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Answers (16)

VS or BA

VS or BA

  1. Anonymous

    Assuming the miles were similar and the surcharges equalled out, what would you do? BA business class on a 747 then BA first class on an A380. Enough time in LHR to enjoy the lounge. OR Air France business on a A330 then a connection to LHR with plenty of time to enjoy the Virgin clubhouse then VS upper class on a 787.

    My goals are to experience different airlines, the A380 and 787 with emphasis on new products. The AF flight will have the new BC seat. I’m torn!

  2. MarkS

    Which would you do? BA business class on a 747 to London then BA first class on A380. Enough time in LHR to enjoy the lounge. OR Air France business class A330 to CDG with a connection to LHR then VS upper class on a 787. Enough time in LHR to enjoy VS Clubhouse.

    I like reviewing different carriers, aircraft and premium class services. I emphasize on newer aircraft like the 787 and A380 and newer cabins. The AF cabin will have the new Cirrus seats. I assume the A380 will have then newer FC but not sure. (Flights aren’t until next year)

    Price wise they are identical figuring in surcharges.


  3. David W

    In order of preference I think I’d choose BA F, AF J (new reverse herringbones), VS J and then BA J.

    Maybe you can try to fly long haul AF departing CDG and buy their First Class ground experience?

  4. No Name

    Mark where did you find information about the new AF A330 cabin? I have read claims that there is supposed to be one.

    But the AF website only seems to show the old config.

    And AF press brief from April says the upgrade will begin in end of of 2017. After they finish the B777 fleet?

    If you can get the new cabin and buy access to the F lounge in CDG that would make up for having to take Euro-J CDG-LON. If it is old A330 seats and Euro-J I would go with BA personally. Yes BA J is not very good, but I beats old AF seats without problem on the hard product.

  5. MarkS

    Thanks for the response. As far as the lounge in CDG the ongoing flight has first so that wouldn’t work, more so, the BA380 or VS787 are the planes that I really want to fly and need to choose between those, can’t have both. In February I had found some info on the Air France A330 being completed by early 2017. Now I see, late 2018 so thanks for that “no-name”, I’m not interested in the AF old class. Another alternative is VS A330 but not keen on that. Now thinking I could do SQ A350 for similar miles, the wrong way. So I’ve got 3 options.
    VS A330-VS787 VS Clubhouse in London
    BA 747-BAA380 in first BA Lounge in London
    SQ A350 all the way with Changi lounge (Already flown and been there, but probably the best experience.) Now I’m leaning towards SQ. If SQ is an option its tough not to do.

  6. No Name

    Little bit confused here MarkS. You wrote:
    OR Air France business on a A330 then a connection to LHR

    There is no F cabin on the Paris to London route, only Euro-J aka economy with a blocked middle seat.

    Doesn’t really matter as it is all academic with old AF J cabin, but I was just wondering if I had missed something?

  7. MarkS

    I don’t think you were missing anything. Just my interpretation. I just assumed that since I just completed the long haul flight that it wouldn’t be applicable. Anyway for what 300Euro and a 90 minute layover not worth it IMO. And I agree, they shouldn’t call European business class, business class. To book that hour flight on Delta in BC they want 25,000 points. Yeah, right!

  8. No Name

    Think it’s for flights both to or from CDG without a F cabin as long as it’s same day.

    Skyteam normally operate on highest cabin that you are traveling on that day as deciding factor if you get lounge access.

    Would assume AF went with the same principle when it comes to upgrading the ground experience, but I have not had a chance to try this is in person as AF have always operated 4 cabin planes or planes old J as highest class off service on the routes I have been looking for.

    Why would you have to book an extra segment Euro-J true Delta? A same day connection CDG-LON should be included in the price of the long haul award.

    Could share you whole route that you are looking for with us? It’s hard to give advice without knowing the whole picture.

  9. MarkS

    I simply looked at CDG-LHR to see what flights were available if I had to piece the itinerary together. I’m going to JNB. Thanks for your offer, but I’m pretty good at routing rules. It’s just the air craft and carriers that I hadn’t flown yet was looking to get advice on. I could take AF 777-300 if I wanted to, just not overly inspired. All the flights from Europe are ones that I’d like, BA A380FC, Virgin 787 and AF 777-300. It’s getting to Europe that is not appealing. BA 747BC, VS A330, AF A330 old seats. But the advice on the A330 old cabin was a saver for me so thanks. I might try to see if I can get AF 777 over to Europe then down to JNB.

  10. MarkS

    KLM has a flight to Europe on the 747 with their new BC. Now the question becomes:
    VS 787 Upper Class
    AF 777 Best and Beyond (Its a 77W with 4 FC seats so the lounge doesn’t work)
    VS or AF?

  11. NewToMiles

    Depends how much you emphasize the clubhouse vs the flight. The Virgin clubhouse is awesome, I really enjoy it and could spend a lot of time there. However, the seats on the 787 and even older metal is quite cramped. I’m 6′ and I felt quite cramped at all times, seated and asleep.

  12. MarkS

    Yes NewtoMiles, that is what I’ve read. And since this is an overnight flight, leaves something like 11PM and arrives 7AM the choice should be sleep comfort. Thanks for your help.

  13. MarkS

    Turns out I decided against those options. While this is more expensive (RT using Delta in BC is 190,000 points), it offers a unique and great way to travel across the world. Singapore A380 suites and Cathay First class along with B787 and A350 aircraft. Ticketed.

    ORD-HND-PEK ANA 777/787 staggered business class
    PEK-SIN SQ A380 First Suites
    SIN-JNB SQ A350 Business class
    JNB-HKG-ORD Cathay BC/FC (Hoping CX changes to A350 on JNB-HKG)
    226,000 points.

  14. David W

    That sounds like a fun trip!

    CX hasent announced HKG-JNB to be serviced by an A350

    Per [URL=’’]Routes Online[/URL], current CX A350 service is between HKG-BKK/MNL/TPE/SGN. Announced future service is HKG-SIN/LGW/DUS/AKL/CDG/FCO

  15. MarkS

    Yes, thanks David, (hoping)

    By the time of this flight they will have about 15 A350 if Airbus can get there act together, which is a big if. So who know. Not counting on it, just hoping since SQ has a350 on route they will counter.

  16. MarkS

    Finally settled thanks to the SPG promo so saved a bunch of miles

    ORD-HKG-JNB First class to HKG Business (no first on aircraft) to JNB 70,000 AK points
    JNB-CPT South African business class $250
    CPT-DOH-LHR Qatar B787/A380 Business class
    LHR-ORD American 777-300ER Business class 75,000 AA (40K SPG turned into 60K with promo plus 15AA so basically 55,000 points
    27,000 flying miles for 125,000 points and $250 with a 15 hour flight in FC. This is a 100,000 point savings over original idea.

    Just a FYI note: Found the space on Qatar but had to call 5 times to find an agent that could see it.

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