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Answers (7)

Visa In My Old Passport

Visa In My Old Passport

  1. pstm91

    I have one more year of validity for my Russian visa (I’m a US citizen) and am planning on going this July. The catch is, it’s in my old passport that is now expired (along with a few other visas as well). The three whole punch they do through the passport when I got my new one cut out some of the numbers in the visa at the very bottom.

    Is the visa still valid/can I travel to Russia this summer if I simply bring both passports? Or do I need to get a new visa in my new passport, even though the old visa is still within its expiration date?

  2. Mick

    I have a US visa in my Australian passport and travel with both passports (old and new) to the USA and they are fine with that. Saying that the Australian passport office only cut the front page of my passport so the visa is intact.

  3. Owen

    Hmm, Russian visas are swipe machine readable correct? If the hole punch left marks in the swipe part I am not sure if they would accept the visa as it is damaged. My best advice is to contact the Russian Embassy, to inquire about this, and if they say it’s okay, ask for a written statement to show the airline just in case

  4. rickyw

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be comfortable traveling with the old passport unless you have something in clear writing from the Russian Embassy.

  5. David W

    Yea, contact the Russian Embassy or a visa service, like Allied Passport. I doubt you’re the only one with this issue.

    My 10 year visa to China is in my old passport, and the US only hole punches the cover and info page, so the visa itself is intact. Traveled to China with both passports recently and i had no issues.

  6. pstm91

    Yes good idea with the written document from the Embassy. That was my original plan.
    To reiterate the original question (and I guess the same with my other Visas, China included) it seems like it’s fine if I bring my old passport along as well though? (they are all in fine condition)

  7. Owen

    It is perfectly acceptable to bring your old expired passport with valid visa, along with your current passport. No issues with doing that whatsoever. Many travelers travel with two passports stapled together I’ve noticed.
    The only issue I see here is that the visa is damaged. Just like if a passport is damaged, it’s generally considered not acceptable to travel on. So it is imperative that you contact the Russian embassy to either renew or reissue your current visa, or get a notorized letter saying it is okay to travel on.

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