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Answers (13)

Sapphire Strategy After Having CSP

Sapphire Strategy After Having CSP

  1. DSENT

    So here’s my situation… I got the CSP last year before Chase eliminated the ability to open both CSP and CSR. Now I’m thinking I’d like to have CSR instead for many reasons but signing up for CSR would mean I’d have to cancel CSP, right? I know I could “upgrade” to CSR but then wouldn’t get the sign up bonus. If I cancel CSP would I lose my UR since I don’t have another card open that uses UR?

  2. David W

    Downgrade it to a Freedom or freedom unlimited, open the CSR the move your points there.

  3. DSENT

    I wasn’t sure if that would work since you need CSP or CSR to transfer points from one of the freedom cards. So if downgraded I would still retain the points earned with CSP and then I could transfer them to CSR once the account is open? Are there any watch outs with this that could screw me over?

  4. David W

    Yep you’d retain the points with the downgrade.

  5. Cole

    I don’t believe you would be able to earn the bonus on the CSR. If I remember correctly the new wording stated no bonus on the entire Sapphire family within the last 2 years.

  6. David W

    Cole is right. If you’ve had a bonus from a sapphire branded card in the last 24 months, you’re ineligible.

    Consider getting one of the ink cards this year and then apply for the reserve next year when it’s been 24 months since you’ve had a sapphire bonus

  7. DSENT

    Thanks all for the feedback. One other question… the Freedom and Freedom Unlimited aren’t part of the “Sapphire Family”, right? So if I downgraded or even kept CSP and opened one of the others it wouldn’t reset the 24 month clock?

    Also, a product transfer wouldn’t affect the 5/24 rule. If I’m at 3/24, downgrading wouldn’t turn this to 4/24… Do I understand that correctly?

  8. Cole

    No the Freedom and the Freedom Unlimited are not part of the Sapphire family. Your clock would not be reset by downgrading, or keeping the CSP and opening one of those.

    No a product downgrade will not count against your 5/24 either. If your at 3/24 and downgrade you will still be at 3/24.

  9. Rhoman

    Just a couple data points for your consideration. I tried to do a product conversion from a CSP to Freedom, but was rejected because the Chase systems will still see it as originally a Sapphire product and will not allow it. There were a few other ppl who had similar situations on Flyertalk.


    So you may want to verify.

  10. MidSouthSkier

    Interesting that they wouldn’t let you do that. I was able to downgrade to a Freedom Unlimited with no issues.

  11. Rhoman

    [QUOTE=”MidSouth Skier, post: 54850, member: 184″]Interesting that they wouldn’t let you do that. I was able to downgrade to a Freedom Unlimited with no issues.[/QUOTE]
    The issue wasn’t the downgrading. It was downgrading, then signing up for another Sapphire product since the computer still said I had a Freedom/”Sapphire” card.

  12. MidSouthSkier


  13. Yukon

    This is certainly disturbing news. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I too have a chase preferred and I am looking forward to early June no longer being 5/24. My plan was to downgrade from preferred to unlimited, then apply for chase ink and and reserve. So I would like to know: 1) have others been sucessfull in downgrading to unlimited then applying for the reserve bonus? 2) how long do I need to wait to apply? immediately? or a day or two 3) do I apply for the business and then immediately that same day for the reserve?
    thanks for your help!

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