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Answers (10)

Refund on seats reserved

Refund on seats reserved

  1. Anonymous

    I paid for seat can I get a refund? I canceled my vacation.

  2. MidSouthSkier

    We’re gonna need a little more info. The answer is likely ‘yes’ but to help you know where to go, let us know where you booked the travel (directly with the airline? through an online travel agent like Expedia?), was it just airfare? Roughly when is the travel scheduled? If it’s imminent (within 72 hours) you can call the airline if you booked with them directly. If it’s a bit farther out most travel sites now have ways to cancel on their websites. But be sure to read the terms & conditions before requesting a refund. Some will want to give you future travel credit (which you may or may not want) instead of cash back.

  3. JReg

    Same Question re: seat refunds. I booked an award tix with American Airlines. One of the flights in the reservation (with AA miles and booked on was a British Airways flight. I wanted to select my seat and had to get a BA record locator for that one flight to see the seaat chart. I paid for a seat upgrade on the british airways website. My reservation with AA is cancelled (I cancelled it) and AA redeposited my miles for free under the ‘if booked before March 1 no fees rule’. Who should refund the seat charge? AA phone rep didn’t know, and BA website doesn’t recognize the record locator anymore (res is cancelled). Secondly, if I am not automatically refunded what are your thoughts on disputing it with the credit card company?

  4. MidSouthSkier

    I would reach out to BA either via Twitter DM or look for a place on their website to contact them. I wouldn’t go to the trouble of a credit card dispute at this point. Always make that a last resort.

  5. JReg

    MidSouth Skier-Thanks for your reply. I did look on BA website but there is no way to get thru to them via the ‘contact us’ options. Seats are no where specifically addressed, and there is no ‘general other category’. The closest is about ‘flights’ but it requires a Rec Locator, which has been cancelled out since AA cancelled the reservation for the entire ticket.

  6. MidSouthSkier

    I used Chris Elliott’s site to find BA contacts: [URL][/URL]

    There’s a fax number for a NYC office that perhaps is the place to start. There are also email addresses for executives but I wouldn’t email them unless this drags on for months.

  7. David Mills

    Hi there, I’m experiencing huge trouble with BA and would be grateful for ANY help! They have cancelled my flight but when I go to claim a refund using the “Cancel and Refund my flight” button it tries to trick you into accepting a voucher. I have tried to ring numerous times including the BA OnBusiness number but all calls are just being disconnected. What can I do to get my money back? I don’t think I am the only one with this problem The Telegraph reports: [URL=’’]…/british-airways-refund…/[/URL] Thank you for your help!!!

  8. MidSouthSkier

    Welcome [USER=6471]@David Mills[/USER] – I’d suggest looking at the link above for contacts but first I’d try reaching out by DM on Twitter or the equivalent on Facebook.

  9. David Mills

    Hi [USER=184]@MidSouth Skier[/USER], thank you. I continued to trawl the internet and it turns out it’s due an error (possibly intentional) with the site’s Java permissions. Here’s the step by step link on how to get a cash refund with BA online: [URL][/URL]

  10. MidSouthSkier

    I saw Gary’s post late last night and wondered if it might help. Was going to mention it today but glad you were able to get it to work!

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