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Answers (8)

Opinion regarding AA account suspension…

Opinion regarding AA account suspension…

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Lucky and friends,

    I have a question for all of you. I am in the process of solving a mess with AA…

    Question is plain and simple. Is it illegal to say to another EXP friend I will let you use two EVip certificates and later on when you get yours you can return the favor and use 2 for me?

  2. Gaurav

    I’d say since sale and barter of benefits is not allowed, the technical interpretation would be that is unallowable (not illegal because it simply against a program term as opposed to a law). Maybe [USER=4]@Lucky[/USER] or [USER=7]@Tiffany[/USER] have more expertise in this area.

  3. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I would probably agree. Certainly not illegal, but definitely against program terms.

    The only experience I have with this is during the Beijing fares last year. Ben and I were on the same PNRs, and while it made sense to [I]me[/I] to use one person’s SWUs for one trip, and the other person’s for the other (as each trip took four for the both of us, and it was the same passengers on both records), the agents insisted on splitting the records so we were each using our own instruments.

    I don’t know how serious it is in practice though, as I’ve used my certs for my husband and parents with no problems.

    Good luck, and please let us know what ends up happening!

  4. Concerned Aa

    Hi Tiffany, but not sure where the rules are being broken…
    The terms and conditions clearly state the following:
    “You can share your upgrades with anyone you choose, whether you are traveling with them or not. Call your elite service desk in advance to request the upgrade.” I would love to go more in depth for you to know my case. Can i contact you via email or facebook?

  5. Gaurav

    Well, using your upgrades for someone else and using them for someone else conditional on them returning them to you are two different things. One is a gift, the other is barter. But you should definitely send [USER=7]@Tiffany[/USER] the particulars so she can evaluate. Good luck.

  6. Concerned Aa

    [QUOTE=”Gaurav, post: 12859, member: 79″]Well, using your upgrades for someone else and using them for someone else conditional on them returning them to you are two different things. One is a gift, the other is barter. But you should definitely send [USER=7]@Tiffany[/USER] the particulars so she can evaluate. Good luck.[/QUOTE]
    Hi, that is understood. But what is against rule to say I’ll give you two certificates. Later on you give me two when you can. There is more to this story I don’t wanna make public in this forum as I am sure AA does not want for the details to go out. But I will definitely like to get [USER=1322]@tiffany l[/USER] input on the whole situation.

  7. Anonymous

    Agreed, it’s that one is a gift, and the other is barter, which is what makes the difference.

    Based on previous anecdotes I’ve heard about AA Corporate Security, there’s [I]always[/I] more to the story. Unlike some other programs, they really don’t go after cases unless they’re 99% positive there was something sketchy happening. And it might not have been with this transaction — I’m not sure if this is a friend or just a “friend” but if they’ve been doing unconventional things with their account you could be getting looped into it.

    So overall, I would suggest being honest, and cooperating with the investigation. If it was a simple date swap, and there’s no fraud happening in either account, then hopefully it will all be resolved soon. Not sure what insight I can offer other than that, unfortunately. 🙁

  8. Concerned Aa

    Hi Tiffany, I get what it is going. English is my second language and honestly I had never heard the word Barter before ;/. Although from what I find online as a definition it is the immediate exchange of goods or services for some other different goods or services. It kind of tends to imply that it would be in exchange for something different than what you are giving away. I give you rice for corn. Again the transactions were not done on malice. I hope it is resolved in a satisfactory manner as I was completely honest with the person who contacted me.

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