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Answers (8)

Mid flight meal

Mid flight meal

  1. Mikewarren1000

    For AA from DFW to NRT in J i was Just was wondering is the mid flight meal just a snack? Is there a choice of snacks if thats all it is or is it just 1 item, no options? Or does snack just refer to the food set up in the galley?

    If anyone knows also same question for United Polaris SFO to LHR. I am assuming given this is 3 hours shorter of a flight that there is no mid flight snack but just wondering..

    Thank you 🙂

  2. MidSouthSkier

    On SFO-LHR you should be getting dinner and breakfast. There’s probably a snack basket or an area in the galley where you can grab something but personally the meals are usually so filling I can’t eat anything else.

  3. David W

    [URL=’’]Harlan at reviewed the same AA DFW-NRT flight last year[/URL] and there was no specifically planned mid-flight snack. Menu shows two options that could be ordered any time, in addition to several snack options in the galley.

  4. OCTinPHL

    [QUOTE=”Mikewarren1000, post: 66149, member: 5445″]For AA from DFW to NRT in J i was Just was wondering is the mid flight meal just a snack? Is there a choice of snacks if thats all it is or is it just 1 item, no options? Or does snack just refer to the food set up in the galley?
    Thank you :)[/QUOTE]

    I have not flown DFW – NRT, but it is probably catered the same or similar to DFW /LAX to PEK/PVG/HKG – all of which I’ve flown, and offer a “main meal” after take off, and usually “breakfast” before landing, regardless of the landing time. (Most recently flew HKG – DFW in February and we landed late afternoon, but were served breakfast.) Between the two meals AA sets up snacks in galley, such as various mini-sandwiches or wraps, plus desert options. Then also they offer heated snacks – bao buns, sliders, bowl of noodles, etc. It’s not a full meal, you have to ask, and lights are down in the cabin as most are sleeping.

  5. Mikewarren1000

    Thank you guys, all awesome and helpful info as always 🙂

    I dont think i could eat 3 meals in what really would be a 9 hour window anyways…But thats cool you can get a mid flight snack if you want one. Although hopefully i will be sleeping some..

    Just curious is it basically light out for that entire flight b/c leaving dallas 1pm and heading west and the time is going backwards. Definitely Not my area of expertise, only experience is Europe and its always night out flying from the States to europe


  6. MidSouthSkier

    You’re actually going up & over more than you’re going west. You won’t head directly over the North Pole but you’ll go up over Alaska. (Map DFW-NRT at and select the polar display option) So sure you’ll be chasing sunlight a good part of the way but I imagine you’ll have darkness at some point.

  7. Mikewarren1000

    Ya def up and over. I know i asked about the routing in a previous post. I am trying to figure out the timing of how long out I will be in the flight relative to the time zone i would be at and I think I am pretty much chasing sunlight the entire time as you said

  8. Mikewarren1000

    Came across a web site called Sunflight. Shows everything and you can scroll through the entire flight hour by hour and see where, if any, the sun will be..

    Looks like since i am on the right side for the reverse herringbone flight from DFW to NRT the sun is all on the left so thats good. It is 100% a day light flight though as you guys thought..

    The return from pvg to lax its night into day but the sun will be on the right and i am on the left as i prefer that when against the window forward facing for DL

    I finally win one on this trip after striking out with No pajamas, No mattress pad & the 40.4% of the piece of crap Zodiac seat

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