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Answers (3)

FlyingBlue won’t refund cancelled award flight points.

FlyingBlue won’t refund cancelled award flight points.

  1. Anonymous

    I got an award biz class flight on AF via FlyingBlue LAX to Zurich and back. LAX to Zurich went fine. The first leg of Zurich back was cancelled and the replacement flight that they arranged on the spot was not acceptable. I told them (at the gate) clearly I was not going to take the (arriving too late, and too many hops) flight that they had booked. It was a scene of mayhem, of course, with everyone trying to get new flights, so I didn’t want to waste much of their time–and thought I could deal with it later. I purchased a return on a different airline from Zurich home.

    I have now contacted AF and FlyingBlue asking for a refund of either the entire ticket or (more reasonably perhaps) the 1/2 that was cancelled. They say that I was rebooked and so I don’t deserve a refund. Really?

    Can anyone give advice about how to approach this more successfully (the customer service at FB has been terrible) or whether I’m just out of luck? How can I pressure them because this seems terribly unfair?

  2. rickyw

    There are very strict laws in the EU regarding passenger rights during cancellations and delays.

    I assume the same rights apply regardless of award ticket vs revenue ticket. But someone else may be able to confirm that?

    Either way, I’d point to this as reference when dealing with Flying Blue


  3. Gaurav

    I’d definitely read up on EU rules but I’m not sure what happens when the passenger abandons his/her itinerary. You might still be able to claim EU compensation for the cancellation but given that you didn’t take the alternate travel provided, it would be hard to establish the time delay based on the conversation with the agent. You might try reaching higher up the corporate ladder via the contacts here: [URL][/URL]

    I know this is probably not what you want to hear right now but most airlines hold that their responsibility is to transport you from A to B. In the case of IRROPs unless you are specifically promised a refund and it is noted in your record, they will usually only rebook you to get you to your destination. When I contact the airline I would be polite, lay out the urgency of my need to get to my destination (thereby explaining whey you had to take a different flight), attach documentation if possible (alternate flight receipts/boarding passes), and be reasonable (ask for a half refund since they did provide you with one way transportation). Good luck.

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