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Answers (7)

Family Travelling

Family Travelling

  1. Ruby

    Hi! I was wondering if you know of any families that do this method of traveling. I am writing a research paper on travel hackers for English and wanted to include that as a subtopic.
    Thanks. 🙂

  2. MidSouthSkier

    Welcome [USER=1807]@Ruby[/USER] – can you help us understand exactly what you mean? For example, do you mean traveling as parents with small children? Or intergenerational travel where, for instance, you might have grandparents, parents and children all traveling together?

    The Mommy Points blog here on Boarding Area deals a lot with family travel as she has two young children. Points With A Crew (also here on BA) has 6, yes SIX, kids though his are a bit older.

    There are other blogs on other sites as well.

    Does that give you a starting point?

  3. Gaurav

    You could also look at the posts Travis does–he travels with kids too I believe.

  4. Anonymous

    Travis travels with three kids, Mike with two, and I often have my nieces or a set of parents in tow. What can we answer? 🙂

  5. Ruby

    While I mainly wanted to be able to look at different people that are able to use the techniques with children so that I could say it was possible. One question for anyone who does travel with their kids would be, Is their any other things to consider besides the basics for travel hacking once kids are involved? Or is it just a slower process because it takes longer to secure enough miles/points for more than 1 person?

  6. Anonymous

    It’s not necessarily slower, you just have to be more aggressive. The biggest takeaway would be to chase the deals, not the destinations, as you already have school schedules limiting your flexibility. So be prepared to jump on a great deal to Copenhagen or Thailand, versus trying to get the stars to align for a trip to Maui. Travis and Mike often pay for tickets for their kids, because kids’ fares are sometimes cheaper, especially when you have these really cheap fares to begin with.

    And “hacking” is such a broad (and yucky) term — we generally don’t use it here, and I don’t think it really describes what most families do.

  7. David W

    Quote a few bloggers and travelers dont like the term hacking because it has a negative connotation and i agree. No one on here is actually hacking the system. Rather, we’re leveraging credit cards, miles and points to book awards and travel that are all within program rules. If it were really travel hacking, we’d be asking programs to bend or break rules for travel.

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