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Answers (16)



  1. saaverward

    I’m flying AUH-JFK-xxx on EY103 connecting to AA domestic

    AA sent through a re-ticket and bumped me from F to Y and through ORD due to a schedule change!

    Luckily, I got my apartment back on EY103 with a much later placeholder connection.

    Here’s the problem. What’s the MCT in JFK on this flight?

    option 1

    D = Domestic. Flights undergoing border preclearance at selected airports (YEG, YHZ, YOW, YUL, YVR, YWG, YYC and YYZ in Canada, STT, STX, AUA, BDA, FPO and NAS in the Caribbean, DUB and SNN in Ireland, and [B]AUH in the United Arab Emirates) are considered domestic for MCT purposes.
    option 2

    ONLINE 1.00 1.15 1.45 2.00
    OFFLINE 1.00 1.15 1.45 2.00

    option 3

    EY-AA ID 2.15 FLT 103 – ALL
    EY-AA ID 2.0

    So how do I get the computer and AA to recognize option 1or 2 which are legal and not option 3 which apparently references my flight and may or may not be new in the system?

  2. Anonymous

    Hi [USER=2627]@saaverward[/USER], and welcome!

    Option 3 is in there because that’s how AA has it coded in their systems. No way to override it, unfortunately, and it’s incredibly frustrating. You’re stuck with the 2+ hr MCT, unless you can find someone to somehow override the computer.

  3. saaverward

    Thanks Tiffany….. Avid subscriber/reader, first time poster.

    Do you happen to know what terminal EY arrives at in JFK (seen 4 & 8) and since it’s “domestic arrival” if there’s a Flagship there (I know the branding is changing)?

    Could they realistically pull the bag and get me on the earlier flight day of travel since there isn’t a re-check.

    I’ve had *BAD* experiences at JFK with this type of situation before. AAgent doesn’t know the change/standby rule and if sAAver isn’t available, refuses to ticket me.

    I start in MLE. Could EY list me standby on AA and tag the bag for the earlier flight at either MLE or AUH?

    Thanks again

  4. David W

    EY Arrives at JFK T4 meaning you will need to get your bags and then take the airtrain to T8 for your AA flight, which requires re-checking your bag and re-clearing security at T8.

    At T4 when you walk off the jet bridge, you’ll be on the departure level, just follow signs to domestic bag claim and then up the elevator/escalator to the airtrain.

    EY cant tag a bag for an earlier flight thats on standby. You’d have to take care of that when you’re checking in at T8 with AA.

  5. saaverward

    There is pre-clearance in AUH, so why would I have to re-check the bag? Should be ticketed straight through?

    If I remember correctly, no AAgents/lounge in T4 at all?

  6. David W

    Your arriving from an international flight, even if you’ve cleared customs at AUH. Pre-clearance doesnt necessarily mean that your bags will be transferred. AA has zero presence at JFK T4 so no AAgents or lounge. You must get to T8 for anything AA related.

  7. saaverward

    Appreciate the reply, but you are incorrect. There is no re-check.

    [B][I]Abu Dhabi International Airport is one of only a handful of airports outside North America that offer the CBP facility. Having cleared CBP, guests can check-through their baggage to their final destination in the US.
    So the question remains, can AA realistically pull the bag and get me on the earlier flight day of travel.

    I guess I can clear T8 security and try it at the lounge instead of the check-in desk where I’ve had issues?

  8. David W

    I’m still wary about that policy but hopefully it works out. That being said, keep in mind that EY can only tag the bag on the [I]ticketed[/I] AA flight. If you’re planning on being standby on an earlier flight, they cant tag that earlier flight. If you end up clearing standby, the bag will arrive later with your original flight. JFK may not be able to pull the bag to re-tag the bag.

  9. saaverward

    That’s fine with me, I’ve been told several times you can only fly with your bag. They will not put you on an earlier flight unless the bag goes with you.

  10. David W

    I feel like that depends. I’ve been told that before but I’ve also checked bags on a flight that got delayed. I was then rebooked on an earlier flight but was told my bag wouldn’t be transferred so it’s have to go back and pick up the bag later.

  11. Gaurav

    I would be highly skeptical of that claim too. Let us know if you are able to successfully through check your bag.

  12. Anonymous

    [USER=79]@Gaurav[/USER], haven’t you done this recently? What happened with your bag?

    I never check bags, so I can’t confirm what actually happens. In theory EY should be able to tag your bag through to your final destination as ticketed, but they won’t be helpful with any change scenarios.

    AA can theoretically pull your bag, but to be honest they hate doing it. As soon as they hear you have a checked bag your odds of an agent being helpful are going to plummet. But definitely try in the lounge versus at the desk, as the check-in agents at JFK area mean.

    I also feel like the bag rule is basically “you can’t travel separately from your bag if it’s your idea” — if it ends up getting separated due to shenanigans that’s apparently fine.

  13. saaverward

    Yes Tiffany they are!

    I got AA to open up a flight for saaver Y 2.5 hours later which is not ideal but nothing I can do at this point.

    Then the supervisor says, since you’re traveling for a couple months they’ll leave it on request through January. Uh, NO! I’m not gambling with my apartment seat.

    I’ve booked at T-330 and had complex international itineraries ticketed in under 12 hours. Since when would they ever leave something “on request” for a month?

    Got it ticketed while on hold… .94 minute call.

    I give them credit however for being pleasant and doing the leg work.

  14. Gaurav

    No, last time I need to through check a bag on EY was before they had pre-clearance at AUH. Other times I’ve had to do airport changes so had to pick up the bag anyways. Was not impressed with the EY/AA connection on a paid ticket from JFK. AA would not check a bag through, we had to pick it up in CDG and find storage for six hours so we could go into Paris.

  15. Gaurav

    Going to travel this trip early Feb though. If [USER=2627]@saaverward[/USER] doesn’t report back I will 🙂

  16. saaverward

    You’ll get there before me, but yes you can check all the way through ex-AUH


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