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Answers (9)

cx mistake fare update

cx mistake fare update

  1. Anonymous

    I booked the cx mistake fare and would ideally like to drop the last leg of the itinerary in HKG rather than continue onto Hanoi. I would still plan to get a Vietnam visa to avoid any issues boarding and would not check any bags.
    I actually wouldn’t mind if cx doesn’t credit those miles to my FF account as I am more nervous about cx recalculating the price of the fare.
    Should I just continue to Hanoi and not test my luck or do you believe it will be ok dropping the last leg? Help!

  2. Aviator

    I’ve done this many times before. Always a minimal risk to take but worth it.

  3. Owen

    Did you purchase a one-way, or round trip ticket? If you don’t use the Hong Kong-Hanoi flight, and you have a return flight associated with the same ticket, you will have an issue with the coupons being “Out Of Sequence”. I would only do this if this is your last flight segment of the entire itinerary

  4. mattm

    Aviator – thanks!
    Owen – I purchased RT and have actually already flown Hanoi-HKG-BOS in a positioning trip.Those miles for that segment already posted on my FF.
    This will technically be my return trip back but would prefer to stay in HK for a night (rather than continue to Hanoi) and fly to DPS the next day on SQ and will eventually take Qsuites from Singapore back to BOS.
    Therefore, dropping the last leg would truly be the last segment of that cx mistake fare ticket. I just greatly worry about cx re-pricing the 1K fare to potentially the typically 16K. Am I worrying too much and just drop the leg or just continue to Hanoi. Thoughts/advice?
    (First time posting/asking a question here and greatly appreciate the help!)
    Thanks guys!

  5. OCTinPHL

    [QUOTE=”mattm, post: 63691, member: 5315″]I just greatly worry about cx re-pricing the 1K fare to potentially the typically 16K. Am I worrying too much and just drop the leg or just continue to Hanoi. Thoughts/advice?[/QUOTE]

    I think you are worrying too much. FWIW, I am not a big fan of hidden-city ticketing for a couple of reasons – for the exact reason you articulate; but mostly because I find it to be a great hassle in terms of time spent planning (I can often find a different airline – maybe not my preferred one – that is just as cheap as the hidden-city ticket in just a few minutes).

    But I have never heard of an airline re-pricing a ticket when missing the last leg on a return (not the outbound, but the return). Granted, Lufthansa (I think it was Lufthansa) just sent a letter to someone about this, but I cannot fathom an airline repricing the ticket. I think the odds are below .5%! Anyone disagree?

    Just to be safe, go to a CX First lounge in HKG when you land, have some champagne, and then just leave. You “missed” your flight while shopping in Duty Free. 😉

  6. mattm

    OCTinPHL – Thanks for the insight & not a bad idea to visit the CX First lounge in HKG!

    I do have a follow up question. I booked the separate Qsuite one-way award itinerary using Asia miles (SIN-DOH-BOS). Does anyone believe if I drop the last leg on the paid CX mistake fare that they might try to cancel this itinerary that is one week later? From researching, I don’t believe so but wasn’t 100% sure with both being tied to CX.

  7. KenTexas

    I would be more careful. Why dont you go to HAN as you booked?

  8. rickyw

    Hi Matt, I’d be very comfortable with your next reservation being intact. Unless you’ve done this multiple times, you should be fine.

  9. wilve

    Just remember not to check any luggage or it will head straight to Hanoi and you will be SOL getting it back!

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