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Answers (11)



  1. navidnavid

    What is Lucky doing ( if anything) to compete with Thepointsguy ? I just watched TpgTv, an episode on Vietnam airlines, and it was some of the greatest entertainment I have ever seen, which also involved miles and our favorite hobby.

    I’ve been a reader of yours over the years, but Thepointsguy has really elevated his game in the recent years, TpgTv is a hit!

    Thanks Lucky, always enjoy your work!

  2. David W

    I much prefer OMAAT’s reviews which are much more detailed and longer than TPGs. I also like the forum that’s on here; its a bit more intimate than TPGs.

    Besides, TPG doesnt have [USER=7]@Tiffany[/USER] either 😉

  3. PassengerPoldberg

    I’d take OMATT over TPG any day of the week! [USER=4]@Lucky[/USER] ‘s reviews are second to none.

  4. MidSouthSkier

    I think a lot of it comes down to preferences. When I first got into this hobby I learned a lot from various sources: Lucky, TPG, Howie at FTG, Scott at MileValue, even MMS. Over time I’ve learned which bloggers suit my style/tastes best and stick with them. But I monitor all of them via Twitter so if I see a post pop up that piques my interest I can check it out.

    Personally I always bypassed the TPG Sunday videos in favor of reading the posts which said basically the same thing. I’m sure TPG TV is a little different but don’t really see myself getting involved in that unless it’s a destination I have a lot of interest in and haven’t found other sources of info.

  5. PassengerPoldberg

    At the end of the day I don’t even think it’s about competition. No one sets out to be the single best blogger that ever lived, that’s impossible. As [USER=184]@MidSouth Skier[/USER] was saying, it’s all about tastes and preferences. The key to blogging is finding your strengths as a blogger and using those to make a niche. Obviously [USER=4]@Lucky[/USER] has found his niche and doesn’t need to worry about what the so called “competition” is doing.

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for the kind words, and I agree with what others have said — Ben does his thing, and does it well.

    He also does it [I]independently, [/I]which makes a big difference. TPG, FTG, & MMS all have the purchasing power and corporate infrastructure of BankRate behind them — Ben just has us.

  7. Anonymous

    Also, welcome [USER=1933]@navidnavid[/USER]! Thanks for posting!

  8. rud01

    Huh?? Backrate…..please explain, thx

  9. rud01

    Please explain Bankrate, thx. I despise auto fill!

  10. Anonymous

    [USER=118]@rud01[/USER] — [URL=’’]Bankrate[/URL] (the financial services company) has owned TPG since sometime in 2012 I think, and they own MMS as well (not sure of the exact date there, but I believe it’s been over a year). Frugal Travel Guy is owned by Internet Brands (the same company that owns FlyerTalk), and has been since at least 2011.

    So big companies, with big staff, and big resources.

    OMAAT is owned by Ben, so the scale of things is a little different.

  11. rud01

    Great thx that is a difference worth noting

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