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Answers (21)

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

  1. ulliro

    Hi Ben,

    I applied through your link for that Chase Sapphire Reserve Card.
    I called today and was denied because of too many other credit cards I applied in 2016.
    As far as I remember I applied for 3-4 cards in 2016 and 2 of them where Chase cards and I applied always through your links, in order to support you.
    I am 806 on TransUnion and 785 on Equifax, was never late and usage is always near zero because I pay all my cards each week off.
    Spoke to the supervisor and she couldn’t help me, but gave me after I insisted the address of the Executive Office in Columbus Ohio.
    Do you think it helps to write them? or do you have any other solution for me?

    Keep up the very good work
    PS. Just came from Mel- AUH- JFK with Etihad in First on AA Miles booked before March 22
    It was really fantastic, thank for all your super tips.

  2. rickyw

    Unfortunately Chase’s policy is 5/24 and not based on a calendar year. Do you remember what you signed up for since November 2014? That is what Chase is looking at, not just the past year. Sorry!


  3. Gaurav

    It can’t hurt to write the Exec Offices but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Chase has been pretty firm on 5/24. The only options that might work are becoming a member of their private banking service or if you are pre-approved for the card in branch.

  4. ulliro

    Hi Ben,

    I thought one of your team will answer my questions.
    Hope to hear from you!!
    All the best


  5. David W

    [USER=796]@ulliro[/USER] well Ben and his team would probably provide a very similar answer. Chase is pretty strict about 5/24 and they only sometimes make exceptions for long time Chase Private Client customers. Are you absolutely sure you’re under 5 cards in the last 14 months?

  6. Anonymous

    Agree with what everyone else has said — how many cards have you had in the past 24 months?

  7. ulliro

    [QUOTE=”Tiffany, post: 23235, member: 7″]Agree with what everyone else has said — how many cards have you had in the past 24 months?[/QUOTE]

    Dear Tiffany,

    I applied at least for 20 Credit cards in the last 24 month, but only for 4 and not 5 relevant Chase cards as Ben wrote in his posts.
    Thats why I don`t understand the decision from Chase,
    I wrote a letter to the office in Columbus, but have no answer yet.
    Happy Thanksgiving


  8. ulliro

    [QUOTE=”ulliro, post: 23264, member: 796″]Dear Tiffany,

    I applied at least for 20 Credit cards in the last 24 month, but only for 4 and not 5 relevant Chase cards as Ben wrote in his posts.
    Thats why I don`t understand the decision from Chase,
    I wrote a letter to the office in Columbus, but have no answer yet.
    Happy Thanksgiving

    I forgot that when I called Chase that the agent and the supervisor told me, its a NO because you applied for too many cards in 2016!!!

  9. David W

    You applied for 20 cards? We’re you approved for most of them?

    Chase’s limit is 5 credit cards from ANY bank, not just Chase.

  10. ulliro

    I was approved for all of them, but Ben wrote, if I recall it correct it has to be 5 specific Chase cards within 24 Month

  11. David W

    Nope, rule is that if you’ve opened 5 or more cards from ANY bank in the last 24 months, you won’t be approved for most Chase cards. I think theres a few Chase cards where the rule doesn’t apply but there all co-brand cards. The Reserve is definitely NOT one of the cards.

  12. ulliro

    Thank you, lets wait what they write me from the Columbus Office.
    In all my life I was never denied any credit card

  13. David W

    Banks are making it harder and harder to get new cards for the bonus, probably to try and curb churn rates.

    Amex bonuses are once a lifetime, chase has 5/24 and one bonus per 24 months I think, citibank’s new rule is bonus for each family of cards every 18-24 months.

  14. Anonymous

    Just chiming in to confirm what [USER=29]@David W[/USER] is saying — If a card is “subject to 5/24” that means if you’ve been approved for five or more cards from [I]any[/I] issuer in the past 24 months, you will likely not be approved for that product.

  15. Babaghanoush85

    I applied for the CSR on 1/6/17 and was denied due to 5/24 rule. Of the 5 cards I’m an AU and not the primary for one of them (Amex PRG)

    I’ve called the reconsideration line and was asked if I use the Amex PRG for purchases and payments. After answering yes she told me I could not be approved. I called back hoping to try again with a different rep but was denied without being asked about purchases and payments on the Amex PRG.

    Is it still worth it to go into a branch to apply in person? Will they see that I’ve already applied online and was denied?

    Not sure if it matters but 2 of my cards are the CSP and the Freedom Unlimited. I’m planning on cancelling my CSP if approved for the CSR.


  16. David W

    Pretty sure that the branch may not process your application because you applied for and was denied the card recently. I think most banks ask if you’ve applied for and have been denied any card from the bank within the last 6 months.

  17. Gaurav

    I would call back and bring up the authorized user thing yourself. Just say that your partner got one for you without you knowing and you had no control over it. You can also say that you’re willing to close it if it will help. I think people have had success with this but it may take a few attempts.

    You could go to a branch if it is close by and see if you are pre-approved. I was denied for my online app (didn’t bother to call reconsideration) but went to a branch a couple of weeks later, had the pre-approval, applied, and was approved on the spot. If you’re not pre-approved I wouldn’t bother applying.

  18. Babaghanoush85

    Using Cardmatch and Chase’s website I don’t see a pre-approval. Is there another way to check online or do I need to do so in the branch?

    Do you know if Chase keeps track of how many times I call in for reconsideration?

  19. Gaurav

    You need to go to the branch and ask them to check what cards you are pre-qualified for. Not sure if/how they keep track of reconsideration calls.

  20. BKT

    I applied for the CSR on 1/6/17 as well. I was initially declined due to 5/24. However, a few of those were authorized user accounts. I was able to successfully appeal based on that (I just told them that my wife added me so we had access to each other’s accounts). I also offered proactively to move around credit limits on existing cards so that they were not looking at a large amount of “new exposure”…maybe that helped? New card arrived via UPS last night.

    Also, I was able to downgrade my CSP to a Freedom Unlimited without any problem.

  21. Babaghanoush85

    Just wanted to post my experience to close the loop on the earlier comments:

    After 4 calls into the reconsideration line (branch was closed due to MLK) and telling them that I don’t use my girlfriend’s Amex PRG, for which I’m an AU, the rep finally agreed to escalate my application for re-approval.

    Since I had offered to close down my CSP for the CSR she wanted to close the CSP but was unwilling to gurantee me approval for the CSR or any sense of security for my UR’s once the CSP was closed. I declined and told her I’ll close the CSP once the CSR is in my hands and activated. I was told I’d receive a letter in the mail within 7 to 10 days.

    8 days later I received a letter saying they wanted me to call them to verify that it was my application. Called & answered the questions and was told that I had been approved for the 100k sign up bonus.

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