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Answers (9)

Car rental insurance coverage

Car rental insurance coverage

  1. Anonymous

    If I rent a car on vacation in my name and pay with my CSP/CSR but my husband is on the rental paperwork as the driver are we still covered? Thanks!

  2. David W

    Gets tricky and it might be where Chase could deny claims.

    Either add him as an authorized user on the Chase card OR have you be the primary driver and add him as an additional driver to be on teh safe side.

  3. OCTinPHL

    In most states, with most rental companies, a legal spouse (not a boyfriend / girlfriend) or a coworker employed by the same company (if renting for work) are automatically “authorized drivers”. You should be OK. But I don’t have a Chase card and haven’t read the fine print. So you should be OK.

  4. David W

    [USER=4556]@OCTinPHL[/USER] Are you sure?

    Not all spouses would be licensed drivers.
    Rental companies charge for additional drivers – why would spouses/coworkers have this fee waived?

    How is it automatic if they require a valid driver license to be added as an additional driver for the rental? If they dont present a valid DL, they arent added on.

    When renting for work – they dont ask to verify that two drivers work for the same company, how would the rental company know for sure?

  5. OCTinPHL

    Read the fine print. Or ask when you rent. Generally (I don’t want to speak for all companies, in all states – insurance is very much a state-regulated issue) spouses are automatically covered, as are coworkers (when renting for work). In my experience, I never had to specifically ask that my wife be covered; when I did, I was told spouses are covered. Same for work colleagues.

  6. OCTinPHL

    For an example, see:


    As you can see, National says “in states that allow”… in my experience, that is most states. (More than those listed. See the second bullet point. Another reason to sign up for Emerald Club or Hertz Gold or whatever, if only for things like this.)

  7. David W

    Ah. Didnt know about this. But for coworkers, it;s only if they have a specific contract with the rental company, so not ALL workers of all companies.

    While the spouse might be an automatic addl driver with the fee waived, Chase may still deny the claim if the cardholder isn’t the main driver and/or of the spouse is not an authorized card holder.

  8. OCTinPHL

    Without getting too pedantic, I have never had an issue with a coworker. At 2 different companies, one small, one Fortune 100, and in probably a dozen or more states. But we were always renting with a corporate card (at the large company). When it comes to car rentals, it is one of the rare instances where reading the fine print actually matters, because you *can* change the terms (like adding an authorized driver, or purchasing additional insurance, or using your own insurance), unlike a typical adhesion contract like a cell phone contract (or plane ticket). I would be shocked if the original poster and her husband weren’t covered under Chase’s standard terms. But again, I don’t have a Chase card and I can’t speak for every state.

  9. Anonymous

    Chase’s terms do automatically cover your spouse, even if they aren’t an authorized user, *if* they were included as a named additional driver on the rental agreement, *or* if the rental agreement states that it automatically covers your spouse.

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