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Answers (18)

Using AA SWU and crediting to Alaska Mileage Plan

Using AA SWU and crediting to Alaska Mileage Plan

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Lucky, in one of your previous blog posts, you mentioned the possibility of switching frequent flier programs after the systemwide upgrade has cleared. My question is, how does that affect the return flight? If I have a roundtrip ticket and I change my frequent flier number to be credited to Alaska airlines on the outbound, wouldn’t that negatively affect my waitlist priority on the return flight? Thanks

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Lucky,

    Can I use SWU to upgrade from coach to first (domestic) with my Alaska reward number in my reservation?
    This week I called executive call center and asked to change my FF# to Alaska and the upgrade me using my SWU. The representative did that but I was not able to check in, so contacted the ticketing agent @airport for my boarding pass but she said I need to have my American FF# in my reservation if I want to use SWU to upgrade otherwise she it cant be ticketed. Is that true?


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Ben,

    Can I use my SWU to upgrade my ticket from coach to first (domestic) while having my AS FF# on my reservation?
    Today I called executive platinum desk and asked to change my FF# from AA to AS and then upgrade my return with my SWU (only return part), he did that and said all set. But I was not able to check in so asked a ticketing agent at airport for my boarding pass. She said it cannot be ticketed unless I change back to AA FF# as I have used my SWU. She said SWU can only be used if I have my AA FF# and not AS. Is that true?


  4. Anonymous

    @Deb — That should be fine. You can use your SWUs for anyone, regardless of their frequent flyer situation, so the agent must have been confused.

    That being said, you can leave your AA number on their, apply the SWU, and just change to the AS number when you check in.

  5. Raj

    Thanks Tiffany. Can you please let me know how to change the FF# online? I tried but it looks like it is not editable.

  6. MidSouthSkier

    [USER=161]@Raj[/USER] – try this: [URL][/URL]

  7. Raj

    [USER=184]@MidSouth Skier[/USER] doesnt work.. is there anyother way or I just need to call AA to change the FF#

  8. MidSouthSkier

    [USER=79]@Gaurav[/USER] – I can’t find that post you made the other day with additional ways of changing the FF# on a oneworld booking. Do you mind sharing here?

  9. Gaurav

    This one? I think one of my links might have been the same as yours.


    [USER=161]@Raj[/USER], if it doesn’t work for you, it can always be changed at the airport.

  10. Anonymous

    You should be able to change it on the Finnair site as well, or just change it when you’re checking in for your flight.

  11. flyflyaway

    What happens to your position on the waitlist on the return leg of a r/t ticket if you switch ff programs after the SWU clears on the outbound leg?

  12. David W

    I think you can ask to change FF programs at the gate only for the flight you are boarding, leaving the rest of your itinerary alone. If that’s true then your remaining segments would still carry your original FF program number

  13. Raj

    I tried to do at gate and the gate agent removed me from upgrade list and added my Alaska# and my new boarding pass showed Alaska# but after the flight my miles got posted in AA account. What I did is upgrade with SWU, once done and confirmed then ask to change ur FF# to Alaska if the agent says anything, hang up and call again and u shud b ok. Ur whole trip will be changed to Alaska (even return) once u complete ur outbound and then call AA give and ask then to change back to AA FF#.

  14. flyflyaway

    Hope Dave’s right, but if Raj is, the question is what happens to your position on the waitlist? After switching to Alaska do you drop to the bottom of the list? Once you switch back to AA, do you jump back to your original (time/date stamped) position? Or do you just skip ahead of GLDs & PLTs and become the last EXP on the list?

  15. David W

    I vaguely remember [USER=7]@Tiffany[/USER] satin that you should change the frequent flyer number after the upgrade clears

  16. flyflyaway

    Right. I’m referring to the return leg on a r/t ticket. SWU clears on the outbound, you change to Alaska. Assuming SWU on the return leg hasn’t cleared, what happens to your position on waitlist? What happens after change it back to AA? Are back to your original spot or are you now the last EXP?

  17. David W

    You might be able to ask the gate agent to change the FFN only for the flight you are about to board and leave the rest of the itinerary under the AA FFN. I’m not entirely sure, maybe someone can chime in?

  18. MidSouthSkier

    I think you’re right [USER=29]@David W[/USER] – you can credit one leg to one airline and another leg to a different airline.

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