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Answers (7)

Access to BA Galleries Lounge at LHR

Access to BA Galleries Lounge at LHR

  1. PM1

    I am an AA Platinum flying economy on BA metal and AA ticket. I know I can access the Galleries lounges in T5 just before my flight out of LHR. However, I have a 10 hour layover at LHR and would like to access the lounge once upon landing at LHR and for a second time prior to my outbound flight. Is that something they would allow? Thanks!

  2. Gaurav

    You should be fine, especially if it is a same day layover. Ben has a post about it here: [URL][/URL]

  3. PM1

    [QUOTE=”Gaurav, post: 10255, member: 79″]You should be fine, especially if it is a same day layover. Ben has a post about it here: [URL][/URL][/QUOTE]
    Thanks Gaurav! Yes, it is a same day flight.

  4. Anonymous

    [USER=238]@PM1[/USER] — Are you planning on leaving the airport? That might pose some logistical issues, as once you enter the terminal/lounge there isn’t really an easy way to get landside again without involving airport security.

    Just a quirk of Heathrow, and something to be aware of.

  5. PM1

    Thanks [USER=7]@Tiffany[/USER]! Plan is to deplane at Heathrow T5, go through security if needed and then on to lounge. I will have boarding pass for next flight out of LHR. Then go through customer/immigration and onwards to London. Then back again to LHR T5, through security to the Galleries lounge and then to my outbound flight. I believe the Galleries lounges are airside. Would that work?

  6. Anonymous

    [QUOTE=”PM1, post: 10267, member: 238″]Thanks [USER=7]@Tiffany[/USER]! Then go through customer/immigration and onwards to London. [/QUOTE]

    This is the problem. Unlike US airports, there’s no way “out” of the terminal other than getting on a plane. You’ll have to contact airport security, they’ll need to walk you through to Customs, etc. It is possible, but it’s an epic hassle, so might make sense to look at using the arrivals lounge instead, if possible?

  7. PM1

    Thanks for letting me know [USER=7]@Tiffany[/USER]! You saved me a lot of trouble. I had a 20 hour layover at LHR T5 a couple of months ago but didn’t have to visit a lounge on arrival since I went to the hotel directly. I guess I could still go out of the airport without visiting a lounge and then come back a few hours later and visit the departure lounges. I doubt I will have access to the arrivals lounges as a AA Platinum.

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