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Answers (8)

Next Chase card to get after Sapphire and Freedom(s)?

Next Chase card to get after Sapphire and Freedom(s)?

  1. gooseisloose55

    My wife and I have:

    Chase Sapphire – 2
    Freedom – 1
    Freedom Unlimited – 1
    United – 2

    We have two other cards, so a total of 4 for each of us, all attained since January. I have a few other cards in mind, but thought we should each apply for one more Chase card to stay within the 5/24 supposed rule. We will be using our United miles for a trip to Europe, but probably will not travel international after that for at least a year. We don’t stay in hotels often (still camp). I am thinking that the Southwest cards would be best, to cover domestic travel. Any thoughts on this plan?

  2. PhatMiles

    If International travel is out of the books southwest cards look fine.
    But are you going to be able to use the southwest points based on your location?
    Why not invest time and money in a companion pass? If you rotate that you will have multiple years of companion pass.

  3. gooseisloose55

    Can you explain a bit more? Wouldn’t I need the SW card to invest in companion pass? And what do you mean by “rotate that”?

  4. David W

    Rotate meaning you get the SWcard now with the bonus, get the remaining points needed for a companion pass, valid for a year. next year have your wife apply for the SW card with whatever bonus is available, get the remaining points for the companion pass so you’ll have it for a second year. Just make sure that your home airport is good for SW flights, otherwise it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

    Beyond that, I think your current mix of cards is fine, maybe just add a freedom and freedom unlimited for the bonus. I don’t think I would over diversify points in your situation.

  5. PhatMiles

    [QUOTE=”gooseisloose55, post: 16740, member: 1752″]Can you explain a bit more? Wouldn’t I need the SW card to invest in companion pass? And what do you mean by “rotate that”?[/QUOTE]
    Yes, you would need a SW card. What I meant was – if you are going towards the SW way why not go big and score a companion pass. I am suggesting one of you should apply for 2 cards rather than applying for 1 each. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. gooseisloose55

    I think we cannot apply for two cards, we each already have 4 cards in the past 5 months – this would only allow us to apply for one Chase card each, right?

    Also, our hub is Seattle, should we just go for the Alaska cards instead of Southwest?

  7. David W

    The SW is a Chase cobrand card. Cobranded cards were supposed to fall under the 5/24 rule in April but I think some people who were denied a Chase card because of the 5/24 was approved for a cobrand. It cant hurt to try but YMMV.

    I would apply for a Chase non-cobrand card you dont currently have first, then maybe aim for the SW cards. Looks like you both have a Sapphire and UA card, but only one of you has the Freedom and Freedom Unlimited. So I’d recommend for the one who doesnt have either Freedom or Freedom Unlimited to get it before you fall into 5/24 [I]then[/I] try and get the SW.

    The AS card isnt a bad choice but I feel like you can get that at any time since BOA isnt really applying any restrictions on approving that card.

  8. gooseisloose55

    Great advice. I will apply for the two Chase cards and work on upping my UR points.

    Will also focus on Alaska cards over SW for now, we don’t travel enough for the SW Companion Pass.

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