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Answers (12)

I might be the new “Lucky”

I might be the new “Lucky”

  1. Prepare4Takeoff

    Last week I had 2 Business Award seats on hold which I thought I was lucky to find in the first place.

    Before I booked I kept searching since I had time with the AAdvantage redemption being on hold.

    Found 4 Business class seats to Europe, just had to fly though Manchester.
    No problem, Done booked, No questions asked.
    Wow even Luckier.

    Saw today the flight was pushed back to a different time.
    No problem longer layover but..
    what was a flight on a 767 is now a Dreamliner.

    Look at flights between O’Hare and Manchester and it’s all 787s.
    For anyone looking to fly to Europe on an incredible product, you need to start looking at Manchester a little closer.
    (Flights AA55 and AA54 between June and Oct)

  2. Anonymous

    [USER=1509]@Prepare4Takeoff[/USER] — Welcome! Yep, Manchester is a great airport for award availability across alliances. Not ideal for connections, but that means more inventory in general.

  3. Prepare4Takeoff

    [QUOTE=”Tiffany, post: 12698, member: 7″][USER=1509]@Prepare4Takeoff[/USER] — Welcome! Yep, Manchester is a great airport for award availability across alliances. Not ideal for connections, but that means more inventory in general.[/QUOTE]

    Availability and now with the new plane it’s even better.
    A quick hope to LHR and I have all the connections I need.

    What’s my Lounge options at Manchester?

    I fly home AA Business.
    But I am also AA Plat, and have Admirals Club Membership.

    BA Business Lounge?

  4. No Name

    AA uses the British Airways Terraces Lounge in MAN


  5. Prepare4Takeoff

    I got another question..

    Just tried changing the LHR to MAN (BA Flight) flight which was part of my AAward Itinerary.
    Same day just a little later time to avoid a longer layover.

    I was told because taxes where different I would have to pay 200+ each person.
    How could that be?
    I thought aaward travel was easy to change.

  6. Anonymous

    [USER=1509]@Prepare4Takeoff[/USER] — Unless your connection is more than 24 hours, there shouldn’t be a difference in taxes. Did they explain the breakdown?

  7. Prepare4Takeoff

    Nope less then 24 hours.
    There are a ton of flights back and forth between the two.
    I thought it would be easy.

    The Plat Desk just said that the Taxes where different and I would need to pay.
    She checked with another group and confirmed it.

    Said she never seen this before but couldn’t do it.

  8. Anonymous

    Yeah….that’s almost certainly not accurate. If you want to blank out your personal info and upload your eTicket here I can look at it (maybe the taxes were wrong to start with?), but otherwise I might call later today or tomorrow and have a new group of staff look at it.

  9. Prepare4Takeoff

    Good point it could have been wrong to begin with.
    But I think this is inline with what it should be.
    Business Class Award (All but the LHR to MAN flight)

    BA from ORD-LHR-OLB
    Then back BA from OLB-LHR-MAN
    Then AA from MAN to ORD

    Did the BA part because my son wanted to fly a 747 on the top deck.
    Figure pay the fees only the one way wasn’t too bad.

    Per Person
    Taxes $172.36
    Carrier-Imposed Fees $500

  10. Anonymous

    Okay, so I just put in arbitrary dates in to ITA, and it looks like the total taxes and fees should be $1075.44, which would square with the additional amount the agent wants to charge.

    So my guess is it wasn’t accurate to begin with, or was priced as two one-ways versus a roundtrip, etc.

    Here’s the breakdown if you want to ask about specific charges:[ATTACH=full]67[/ATTACH]

  11. Prepare4Takeoff

    So I got lucky again?

    I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary and it was all booked on as 50k aawards each way but it was done all together.

    I just searched for award travel similar days and similar type of flights and get about the same taxes and fees.
    So maybe it isn’t wrong.

    I’ll try calling again and see what I get.

  12. Anonymous

    Oh wait, actually! See the line for “AA YR”? That shouldn’t be a thing on award tickets, I’m pretty sure. In this fare it’s getting added in because BA would be the issuing carrier.

    So I would call again and get them to go through the breakdown with you. This is definitely a bit odd.

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