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Answers (4)

etihad brussels award questions

etihad brussels award questions

  1. yaboobie Member

    Hi guys, it’s me again.

    I have JFK-BRU booked on Brussels with EY miles, and have some questions.

    #1. Arrival of flight into BRU is 7:45am. Is 2hr10mins enough to clear customs and re-enter to catch another Brussels flight to London that leaves at 9:55am? Do need to clear customs? can i have them combine awards(have JFK-BRU RT, booking BRU-LHR RT and CDG-BRU RT).

    #2. Etihad award charts for Brussels are RT only. If i ditch the return leg of BRU-LHR will it effect/cancel my other bookings,BRU-JFK and my CDG-BRU with Brussels? I think I can PLace the LHR-BRU and BRU-CDG beyond my BRU-JFK leg to avoid that.

    what do you guys think?

  2. David W Community Ambassador

    1 – I think it is enough time. Also, since you’re just transiting, you may not even have to go thru customs.

    2 – If your BRU-LHR is part of a a multi-segment award on the same ticket, all remaining legs are cancelled if you miss a flight. Unless BRU-LHR is the last leg of one ticket, I wouldnt miss the flight. What is your entire routing? JFK-BRU-LHR, CDG-BRU-JFK on one round trip ticket?

  3. yaboobie Member

    [USER=29]@David W[/USER].

    1.I hit up Brussels on twitter to ask about transfer time. They said i would be fine but they didn’t say if i could combine the reservation, but said that i would have to get my checked bags and check in again.

    2. So here goes the slightly complicated part. As you already know EY’s Brussels chart is RT only, but is still INCREDIBLY generous intra-euro. I had to book
    JFK-BRU-JFK, BRU-LHR-BRU, and CDG-BRU-CDG. I placed the LHR-BRU and BRU-CDG legs past my return leg of BRU-JFK to avoid the cancelling my return to the states.

    [USER=4]@Lucky[/USER] I think Lucky may want to bring up or write about the value of brussels chart intra europe. I got incredible cpp out of these.
    CDG-BRU RT in biz is only 1550pts+ $51.40tax and had cash price of $836USD. That comes out to be 50cpp! thats outragous! my BRU-LHR in biz is alot more modest but still at a whopping 20cpp!

  4. David W Community Ambassador

    JFK-BRU-JFK, BRU-LHR-BRU, and CDG-BRU-CDG – are all these SEPARATE tickets issued from the same EY account? If they are, you should be fine dropping the LHR-BRU leg even though i wouldnt recommend it.

    Honestly, I wouldnt waste miles on BRU-LHR-BRU, and CDG-BRU-CDG. The flights are SO short. Especially for CDG-BRU-CDG – the airport are outside the city. You’d probably save time (and maybe money) if you took a train instead, going from city center to city center.

    Lastly, these are all intra europe flights, meaning business class is economy with a blocked middle and slightly better service. As part of a larger international itinerary on one award, sure. Otherwise, I’d probably just pay for economy.

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