Pre-9/11 air rage YouTube video

A friend sent me a link to this video today, which I didn’t realize was pre-9/11 until I looked at it again just a few minutes ago.

Obviously the video leaves many details to be desired, but it certainly looks like an interesting event. I did a quick google search and found an article about the incident, which includes quite a few details.

A bizarre case of air rage threw a flight from San Francisco to Shanghai into chaos when 22-year-old twin sisters started screaming at each other and then attacked the flight crew, forcing the plane to land in Alaska, officials said yesterday.
The twins were traveling to Shanghai for a modeling trip, which their mother said was sponsored by the Chinese government.

A modeling trip sponsored by the Chinese government? Eh?

At that point, flight attendant Lynn White tried to intervene, but Cynthia Mikula hit her in the nose.

“It was an open hand, full swing” blow that White later said “hurt like hell,” Thoreson said.

Ouch, talk about a bad idea!

The captain sat with the twins to prevent more trouble, but soon the shouting resumed.

Cynthia Mikula reached over her sister in the middle seat and hit the captain on the head with her fist and later struck another flight attendant in the face, according to Thoreson.

Talk about an even worse idea!

Not really significant in any context today, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

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