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Am I the one and only person that’s consistently always amused and entertained by the announcements over the PA from some flight attendants on my flights? Let me show you what I mean with some examples:

“We have a full jetway full of people”
“Expedite our boarding process to board more speedily”
“This will be a completely full flight; every seat will be taken.”
“Kindly please step out of the aisle….”
“It is now safe to use electronic devices at this time.”

I should also point out how awesome the gate agents are in Tampa. As the overhead bins were maybe half full the purser made an announcement advising passengers to bring bags forward to have them gate checked. A gate agent overheard that, came aboard, and assisted passengers with stowing bags throughout the boarding process. Not surprisingly, no bags had to be gate checked.

Oh, and lastly, there were two people assigned to the same seat, so the flight attendant told one girl to take a middle seat in the exit row. She was slow to respond, so the flight attendant got a bit rude. When the flight attendant came over to do the same briefing (which she did during the safety video, by the way), she asked everyone for a verbal confirmation that they’d be willing to assist in an emergency. The girl that was moved to the exit row didn’t respond (intentionally, it seemed), and the flight attendant said “I can stop the plane to reseat you if I have to.” She asked again if she’d be willing to help out, and the girl responded “I’m fine.” The flight attendant got a bit angry at that point and said “that’s not an answer, I need a verbal yes.” The girl reluctantly agreed. Reminds me of the time I almost got kicked out of the exit row of a regional jet from Washington to Richmond with 20+ other FlyerTalkers aboard. That’s the other side of the coin, I guess, when you’re a bit too responsive.

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  1. This is my current favorite: “The FAA will fine us $20,000 if you have more than 1 carry on bag and 1 personal item.”

  2. I’m sorry to hear you have had so bad experiences with Flight Attendants. I am lucky because at the airline I work for the Flight Attendants consistently win awards for customer service. I always get compliments on my service and although I’ve flown with a few “bad apples” I can honestly say I work with great, friendly, people who speak proper English.

    I will say there are two personalities for FAs, there’s the “informer” and the “enforcer.” It sounds like you’re running into the “enforcers.” It’s too bad because the job is a lot easier as an “informer” and it leaves a much better impression with the passengers.

    By the way, I love the name Lucky, I wanted to name my daughter Lucky and for obvious reasons my husband objected. We compromised with Lucy: )

  3. This happens in business too. People use words and speak in ways that they think makes them sound more important, but really just makes them sound like idiots.

    Instead of “Expedite our boarding process to board more speedily,” how about “Get everyone on the plane quickly”.

    When I hear people use words like utilize, expedite, process, my eyes glaze over.

  4. @ Pat — I haven’t heard that one before. Wow.

    @ Sara — I just wanted to thank you for taking my blog at face value, unlike some other airline employees that don’t. With the amount of travel I do, I run into a lot of interesting flight attendants and airline employees in general, be they good or bad. I’m sure you run into a lot of interesting passengers too, both good and bad. I have a lot of respect for flight attendants; ya’ll have tough jobs, and are overworked and underappreciated (well, at least that’s the case at many airlines.

    Lucy sounds like a nice compromise indeed. 😀

    @ Mike — Yep, all too true.

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