Get Lyft Rides For An Entire Month For $29

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The ridesharing apps have been testing out all kinds of programs to see what works and what doesn’t. Many of these programs can be lucrative for consumers, and are intended for the apps to steal market share from one another, and perhaps even from the taxi industry.

In late August I wrote about how Uber was offering flat rate uberPOOL rides for an entire month at a very reasonable cost in select cities.


For example, in Seattle you could pay $49, and then receive flat rate uberPOOL rides for $3 and flat rate uberX rides for $8.

Well, Lyft has just unveiled a promotion for the month of November which has incredible pricing.

Specifically, you can buy a Lyft Line Pass that offers up to 20 rides over the course of a month in six cities (Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C.). Lyft Line is the equivalent of uberPOOL, meaning you may have to share your ride with others.


There are two pass options (and quantities are limited, so you’ll want to sign-up sooner rather than later):

  • Pass 1: $2 Line Rides (Pay $20 up front and every Line ride you take will only cost $2)
  • Pass 2: Free Line Rides (Pay $29 up front and your Line rides are covered)

Obviously if you plan on taking five or more rides during the month, you’re better off going with the second pass option. In both cases, you’re capped at 20 rides at the above pricing, and each pass can be used for a ride that’s valued at up to $20. If the cost of a ride exceeds $20, you’ll just be charged the difference.


Here’s how signing up for a Lyft Line Pass works:


In other words, you can get Lyft Line rides for under $1.50 each, which is fantastic.

As of now there’s not yet an unlimited option, and it also remains to be seen if this promotion will be extended beyond November.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of this Lyft Line Pass promotion?

  1. Even if you are doing a weekend in any of these cities, this is way cheaper than renting a car. It goes especially far in Los Angeles. You can pack in a lot of sightseeing without any worries of parking. You can’t even park at the Hollywood Sign anymore.

  2. The October deal in the LA area was much better – $34 upfront and then 40 Lyft rides for $4.

    That said this is still a great fall so I’m probably in.

  3. Lucky,

    Have you ever actually used Lyft Line or Uber Pool? IMO these are HORRIBLE products here in NYC. Would be curious to hear your input, maybe you should do a few random rides on each and see what you think.

  4. These “discounts” are not fair to the drivers. They result in drivers having to work longer hours for less pay, resulting in less safe working conditions.

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