Apply Now: LifeMiles Credit Card With 60,000 Bonus Miles

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Update: These offers for Avianca Vida Visa® Card and Avianca Vuela Visa® Card have expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

LifeMiles is the frequent flyer program of Avianca, and has generally been a pretty good program for Star Alliance premium cabin award redemptions. In July, LifeMiles announced that they’d introduce a new US credit card.

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 1

For a while LifeMiles had a credit card issued by US Bank, though it was discontinued. I assumed they’d be switching to an issuer like Bank of America or Barclaycard. Earlier this month LifeMiles sent out an email to members saying that the new card is just weeks away, and prompting them to register to receive a special sign-up bonus on the card.

Well, the new LifeMiles credit card is now “live,” so you can submit your application.


What we know about the new LifeMiles Credit Card

Earlier I received the following email from LifeMiles:

We are getting closer to launch in the United States new and improved Avianca LifeMiles credit cards in the coming weeks. These cards will provide qualifying LifeMiles members the chance to earn miles faster and to receive other benefits, which we currently expect will include:

  • Welcome Bonus of up to LM 60,000 for purchases made within the first 90 days after activation of your credit card*
  • Up to LM 3 for every dollar spent on Avianca purchases
  • Up to LM 2 for every dollar spent at gas stations and grocery stores
  • LM 1 for every dollar spent on all other purchases
  • Two 50% discounts on award tickets redeemed, applicable for travel to Central America or Colombia from the United States
  • Free additional piece of baggage for travel between the United States and Central America
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 15% discount on purchases of miles with Multiply Your Miles

Register now to receive the special LM60.000 welcome bonus for the Avianca Vuela Card.

Use promo code: AVSPWE during your application process.

This sure does send a mixed message. On one hand they’re saying that they’re “getting closer to launch” and share what they “expect” the benefits to be, while on the other hand you can already apply for the card.

LifeMiles Visa Card details

Here’s how the two cards are described:


LifeMiles Visa Card benefits

Here are the basic details of both cards:

Avianca Vida Visa® Card:

  • 20,000 bonus LifeMiles after first card use
  • 2 LifeMiles per dollar spent on Avianca purchases, 1 LifeMile per dollar spent on everything else
  • $59 annual fee

Avianca Vuela Visa® Card:

  • 40,000 bonus LifeMiles after first card use (60,000 bonus LifeMiles if using promotion code AVSPWE during the application process)
  • 3 LifeMiles per dollar spent on Avianca purchases, 2 LifeMiles per dollar spent at gas stations and grocery stores, 1 LifeMile per dollar spent on everything else
  • Two 50% discounts on award tickets, for travel from the United States to Central America or Colombia
  • Free additional piece of baggage for travel between the United States and Central America
  • 15% discount when purchasing miles with Multiply Your Miles
  • $149 annual fee

That 15% discount on purchased miles through Multiply Your Miles sounds tempting in theory, but this doesn’t apply when outright purchasing miles through one of their promotions. Multiple Your Miles lets you increase the number of miles you earn when flying Avianca, for spending on their credit card, or for other partner activity. In other words, this won’t increase the number of miles you earn when outright buying miles.


The 50% discount on awards to Central America or Colombia could be useful in theory, though I haven’t found the terms on this offer yet. I suspect it’s only valid for travel on Avianca, and possibly only in economy. Otherwise it could be quite valuable to many more people.

Avianca-787-Business-Class - 4
Avianca’s 787 business class

The LifeMiles Card is being issued by…?!?

LifeMiles used to have a credit card issued by US Bank, though they discontinued that in favor of this new card. A lot of us have been wondering what bank would issue this new card, thinking it might be Bank of America or Barclaycard.

Well, those of us who guessed that were wrong. Instead the new credit card is being issued by… Popular Credit Services, a division of Puerto Rico’s Banco Popular.

Alrighty then, I didn’t see that one coming.

Is it worth applying for the LifeMiles Visa Card?

Given what a great job LifeMiles has done monetizing their frequent flyer program, I figured they’d also make the card super lucrative. Well, the 60,000 mile sign-up bonus is great, so I do think the card is worth applying for.

Currently you can purchase LifeMiles for as little as 1.375 cents each, so we’ll say that those 60,000 miles are worth ~$825. When you subtract the $149 annual fee, that gives the sign-up bonus a value of ~$676.

The fact that this card is issued by Banco Popular is either a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. On the plus side, you’re unlikely to be coming up on any application limits with Banco Popular. Furthermore, the card offers the sign-up bonus after the first purchase, which means there’s not some big minimum spend to complete. At the same time, the bank is also an unknown for many of us, so I’m not sure what their approval process is like, what their service is like, etc.

So I do think the LifeMiles Vuela Visa Card is worth applying for with the AVSPWE code, since you’ll get 60,000 miles after your first purchase, which is great. At the same time, I don’t see much long term value with the card. If they offered an additional 15% bonus when buying LifeMiles I could certainly see the value, but with the way everything is currently structured, I see limited long term value.

Personally I’ll be holding off a bit on applying for the card, as I’ll wait for some data points from others about what the approval process is like. However, I definitely plan on eventually picking up this card for 60,000 bonus miles.

Do you plan on applying for the LifeMiles Visa Card?

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  1. Couldn’t get the application to work, as it doesn’t list DC, or “Washington, DC” as a state. Called the toll-free number at the bottom of the page ad was told that the application isn’t “live” until 11/28.

  2. I was approved pretty much instantly. I did have to answer a few questions about my credit history but that was it. Same as Phillip the message said I should get the card in 5-10 days.

    I agree that I’m not sure it’s a card I will keep. But for 60K miles it seemed like a no-brainer. Any idea if buying miles counts as Avianca spend (and therefore 3x miles per dollar)? It’s been a while since I bought their points.

  3. Ben, thank you again for the thoughtful analysis. Any idea on how this will affect LIfemiles expiration dates?
    I have been under the impression LIfemiles have “hard” expiration date.

  4. I wonder also how long this promotion will be good, for the extra bonus . Planning a Lufthansa flight next fall so timings pretty good although I’d like to hold out a bit more

  5. Applied and was instantly rejected. Wonder if they have something like the 5/24 rule. Credit score is very good. WTF?

  6. I applied and was approved instantly, although I also received two emails saying my application was under consideration. I received a call the next day from BP asking to verify my address, at which point they congratulated me and said I would receive my card in 5-10 days. I still have 30,000+ miles from when I got the US Bank card, so having 90,000 miles will make it easy for my wife and I to go to Columbia next year.

  7. for the folks who already applied & got approved, which CB(s) did they pull from? did you try applying for both the cards above in hopes of 1) getting multiple approved on the same day 2) having the inquiries combine?

  8. @marcmsj,
    I did not find that to be the case – I applied for the BP AA Infinite last year and was approved – PR is a US territory that falls under US banking and CFPB rules.

  9. I cannot understand why this card is not available in DC nor in Maryland. I cannot apply for it ’cause when I typed my home address my state (MD) is not listed. I called them and they said they are finalizing legal issues with Maryland. At this point I think I may loose this great promotion.

  10. Data Point: Instantly approved just now with $25,000 credit line & 13.99 APR.

    @Ted — FWIW, I am *way* above 5/24. I’m probably around 15/24.

  11. I applied yesteday and when went to submit, it gave error and said to call.

    I called today and no trace of my application was found. So nice lady took app over the phone. Unfortunately I was rejected, but maybe because I have gotten 14 new cards in 2016 already. LOL

    I have a good score, so maybe will reapply in 6-12 months

  12. Very difficult. I made the mistake of applying online. Called and tried to reapply over the phone. Denied. I own my home and debt free. NEVER have been denied. Disappointed. My credit rating is excellent. Now I am skeptical about the Bank in PRECIOUS. What method do they use. My SS# should have made a statement. Plus there several applications online and info asked is varied

  13. I applied for this card twice and each time the application page got and stuck in a page stating “we are unable to authenticate you” and each time my application was denied. I even called the helpline but apparently they do not have a reconsideration line and the customer support agent tried submitting but got same error.After 2 pulls against credit history I am still not able to get approved. The agent said the answers to the security questions should match but I never had the questions show up to me or the agent.
    Please suggest any way

    Note: I had credit score of over 750 before applying

  14. The noted errors may be due to the browser or the Internet connection. First attempt via Chrome resulted in error message. Second attempt via IE did not result in error message. End result approved. I do hope the 60,000 works.

  15. Trying to decide if I want to spend the credit pull on this card. It sounds like a great offer, but how usable are the miles? I’ve never had Lifemiles, for those who have, what do you think of their booking process, online or via phone?

    It sounds like there are some annoyances with the application process, are there similar annoyances with the booking process?

  16. one nice surprise i got today in my email was a special promotion for credit card holders only is a promo to purchase up to 15K miles with a 3 x 1 bonus. Not a bad perk!

  17. I was a user of the discontinued US Bank credit card in the US. Right now I am interested in applying for the new credit card administered by Banco Popular of Puerto Rico. I need to apply for the card that offers bonus of 60.000 miles once approved with the promo code AVSPWE. Please reply ASAP. Thanks.

  18. I officially hate this card.

    I apply an received the card, apply using promo code so I guess I will receive the 60k bonus. However, the card is being locked for 2 weeks and customer service is not able to unlock the cards, which is a pain. They say they it will take one week more until the card is unlock and working.

    Good thing is that I was approved for a 25k credit line which is a good thing, after being approved for other 4 credit cards I was not expecting to be approved for this one.

  19. Who is responsible for applying the 60k miles bonus? I received my card and made my first purchase, but the miles have not been applied to my account yet. I called Banco Popular and the said to call Lifemiles, I called them and they told me they don’t know anything about this promotion and don’t even recognize code AVSPWE. I sent an email with a screenshot with the promotion info to the lifemiles support team, and now they are saying I have to contact Banco Popular because they are the bank is the one who honors the miles. None of this makes any sense. Both Avianca and Banco Popular have horrible customer service. I only applied for this card because I travel a lot to Colombia and Avianca is the only airline that offers mile Rewards for that country. I also have the Capital One Venture card, and they are truly the best mile reward card in the market. No hassles, no bs, awesome customer service!

  20. just applied and instantly approved after from credit history questions online. anyone get their bonus yet? its awarded after 1st purchase right, not some big threshold?

  21. wondering if i will be accepted with just like a year with credit cards and above 700 points …. didn’t apply in a year … but income is not the best one eiteher ( 17k) … but have been a lifemiles user since 2010 … just wondering …. thanks !!!

  22. Hello! everyone, It is wednesday January 18, 2017 I am planning to travel this year to colombia and reading about Avianca Credit card 60,000 miles. Does anyone know what are the time frames?
    How long will it take to get the card? 5 – 10 days
    How soon can I use the 60,000 miles, will you be able to see the miles on your account once you make a purchase?
    ANy other advise is welcome. I want to get a credit card that it is good in miles so I need help. I travel at least once every year to colombia with my family 2 adults and 2 children.
    Please help!

  23. Applied just after Thanksgiving, instantly approved. Make purchases within 1 week, waited for statement to reflect those charges. Started to get worried that no miles posted. Miles just posted now (~1 month after statement posted and paid)

  24. My wife applied, got her Avianca card right away and has already used it a few times. However, I applied for the card before her, but because of a delay in processing my application, I didn’t receive the card for about three weeks (around mid-December). When I tried to activate the card, I was told their system was down and the card could not be activated. I have called their customer service and fraud departments a dozen times (no exaggeration) and, as of today, they still can’t activate my card.

  25. I applied in mid December and instant approval. Got card within a week and made a cpl of purchases. I could not find a way to link the account up online so I figured I would wait til I got my statement in the mail. Starting to worry a lil bit because I have not recieved any bill yet….

  26. @lucky how the hell do I activate this card? It’s near impossible. Anyone else know how to get this scam of a card to activate so it can be used for purchases?

  27. Got my card all is OK, just fyi, you wont get 60K, you will only get 40K.

    That is just a scam to get benefit someone who put the code out there…

  28. Anyone get the LM yet? My statement closed after a $50 purchase. The 50 miles posted but not the 60k bonus yet. Anyone else bonuses delayed too? Who should we complain to???

  29. Heyya Lucky — why don’t you do a post on this card and its uses for what could be a great Biz redemption:
    “Two 50% discounts on award tickets, for travel from the United States to Central America or Colombia”

  30. I have the same problem. I just tried to apply for a new card just now but it says “Only one Avianca account per customer. Our records indicate that you have either an [active application/application in progress] or an existing Avianca credit card account.” I closed my Vuela card May 7 2017. I last applied for same card on June 10, 2017 and was denied.

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