Staying At A Kimpton? Don’t Forget The Secret Social Password

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IHG initially announced that it was purchasing Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants back in 2014, but up until a couple of years ago the brands continued to operate separately. Then in 2018 the Kimpton Karma Rewards program was finally integrated into the IHG Rewards Club program.

Understandably, many people were concerned that IHG’s takeover of Kimpton would mean that the brand would lose what makes it special. Kimpton has always been known for how well it takes care of guests, and even though there are several dozen locations, properties still maintain a boutique feel.

The good news is that for the most part I think Kimptons haven’t changed too much, and Kimpton has continued to offer one very cool benefit for guests. For years Kimpton has seasonally had a “secret social password” that you can provide at check-in to get a special surprise. This password was typically available through social media channels, so it was a way for Kimpton to engage with guests in a different way.

Kimpton has now introduced its new secret social password, valid through February 14, 2021 (Valentine’s Day), and it’s “Lift Your Spirits.”

So just mention that at check-in at any Kimpton property and you’ll get a special surprise, which could include something like a free upgrade, free breakfast, free parking, or something along those lines.

Note that there’s a lot of inconsistency when it comes to this benefit. Some hotels provide meaningful benefits, while other hotels provide a 19 cent branded koozie. I guess with social media becoming increasingly popular more people are aware of these, and as a result they’re less special.

You can combine this with other opportunities to maximize Kimpton stays, from IHG’s current global points promotion, to the Amex Offers deal for Kimpton stays, to the InterContinental Ambassador enrollment offer.

If you have the chance to use the Kimpton social password in the coming months, please report back on what you get!

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)

  1. “I guess with social media becoming increasingly popular more people are aware of these, and as a result they’re less special.”

    Social media ruining things again. It didn’t used to be this way. Back in the day you could, for instance, put a shiny metal object in the middle of the desert in Utah and be comfortably assured that it would maintain its solitary existence for decades. Now you can’t even do that. Damn.

  2. Ben you and other bloggers posting the password for all and sundry to see are part of the reason why these things are less special!

  3. @ChrisC, but if Ben didn’t post then I wouldn’t know. I’m staying at a Kimpton in January, so this will be helpful.

  4. Kimpton is a great hotel group. Unfortunately, their new Bozeman operation, especially restaurant, is tragic.

  5. Just checked in to the Kimpton Pittman Hotel in Dallas. Said the phrase and the poor gal working check-in was not aware there was a new phrase. But she handled the situation like a pro and pulled out what the did last time. You pick randomly one of three polaroids and whichever one you pick decides which award you get. Options are a free upgrade, 1500 IHG points (I thiiink, she said the amount quickly), or $50 restaurant/bar credit. I ended up getting the points.

  6. Just stayed at the Kimpton Van Zandt in Austin for 2 nights. I was offered a $15 F&B credit per day on top of the already included $10 per day, so I had $25 per day to spend at the cafe. Not bad.

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