Staying At A Kimpton? Don’t Forget The Secret Social Password

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IHG initially announced that they were purchasing Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants back in 2014, but up until last year the brands continued to operate separately. Early last year the Kimpton Karma Rewards program was integrated into the IHG Rewards Club program.

Understandably, many people were concerned that IHG’s takeover of Kimpton would mean that the brand would lose what makes it special. Kimpton has always been known for how well they take care of their guests, and that even though they had several dozen hotels, their properties always felt boutique.

The good news is that for the most part I think Kimptons haven’t changed too much, and Kimpton has continued to offer one very cool benefit for guests. For years Kimpton has seasonally had a “secret social password” that you can provide at check-in to get a special surprise. This password was typically available through social media channels, so it was a way for Kimpton to engage with guests in a different way.

For stays between November 29, 2019, and February 16, 2020, Kimpton’s secret social password is “Stay Human.”

So just mention that at check-in at any Kimpton property and you’ll get a special surprise, which could include something like a free upgrade, free breakfast, free parking, or something along those lines.

Note that there’s a lot of inconsistency when it comes to this benefit. Some hotels provide meaningful benefits, while other hotels provide a 19 cent branded koozie. I guess with social media becoming increasingly popular more people are aware of these, and as a result they’re less special.

If you have the chance to use the Kimpton social password in the coming months, please report back on what you get!

  1. I got a free drink at the rooftop meat market and a plastic mug in Phoenix last summer. The woman at check in was surprised when I said the password.

  2. My wife and I use our IHG anniversary night on back to back stay at Kimpton River Place Portland OR. We mentioned the social password and each of us got a chance to draw from the surprise jar. We both pulled $20 F&B credits. Then at check out the front desk staff gave us 50% off on our valet bill.

  3. Your belief that Kimpton hasn’t changed much due to the IHG merger is not correct. Kimpton members used to earn a free night after a certain number of paid nights. With IHG, you have to earn points and the value of the points is very small compared to points cost for a stay at a Kimpton. IHG has priced them at the top end.

    The degradation of the program for Inner Circle members includes dropping the free night at new hotels as well as the loss of free food at the hotel restaurant. Although the site claims the free night is still a benefit, there has not been a free night offered for well over a year despite numerous newly opened Kimptons. Before IHG, free nights at new hotels averaed 5 or 6 per year.

    Also, there are new conditions on the free night requiring a certain level of recent activity. Having the highest status level is no longer sufficient to qualify. Also, the last time a free night was offered, the hotel had severely limited availability so there were numerous complaints of all the free nights (over the entire several month period) being gone within a couple of weeks.

    Another reason there are no free nights offered is that the hotels are now given the option of offering the free night. Surprise, surprise, not a single hotel has decided to provide this benefit. There are other more minor issues, which I won’t bother to address, but the changes have resulted in many Kimpton elite to abandon status under the IHG program.

  4. I got 50% off parking at the Kimpton Palomar in San Diego. Considering that I’m staying here for a week (at $50/day with in and out privileges), that’s a big savings!!!

  5. In Denver, the choice was two beers, a movie night, a pack of spa/bath items, or hot chocolate.

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