JetBlue Brings Strangers Together With Pop-Up Restaurant

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JetBlue and Coca-Cola teamed up for a really cute one-day promotion at JFK Airport, which is bound to make just about anyone smile. Here’s how they describe what they did:

The airport is full of people from all different places, offering a great opportunity to connect with someone new. Yet in actuality, we rarely do. To change that, we created a pop-up restaurant with Coca-Cola that gave travelers the chance to share a meal before takeoff. The catch? They had to eat with a complete stranger. Instead of menus, we had Chef JJ Johnson prepare meals that were a mix of each table’s culinary heritage. See the unique dishes and if these strangers left the restaurant having shared much more than a meal.

While the video isn’t that in-depth, it’s a fantastic reminder of how airports are a melting pot, and how we often don’t take the opportunity to interact with others from very different lifestyles (as an introvert I’m more guilty of this than anyone).

Here’s the video:

(Tip of the hat to Drew)


  1. Love it. I’d never want to do it, but love the concept and love the video. JetBlue has always been the best at marketing, in my mind.

  2. It’s a cute video but I feel this is all actors… and the chef obviously knew ahead of time what nationalities he was going to mix as that’s not something you come up with on the spot and have the ingredients for.

  3. seems way too staged but at the same time i’d love to do this….free meal? get to know a new person? (hopefully a cute girl!) im down!

  4. Wow! talk about jaded responses! (First 4)
    Only schr was semi optimistic!
    All those were actors? Yet all appeared extremely apprehensive and uncomfortable!
    Trained chefs can’t think on their feet or think outside the box? Really?
    Lighten up people! You might learn something new!

  5. As someone who met my future wife on an airplane (thanks Qatar!), I love this idea.

    Oh, and for all those who are complaining about them being actors, I highly doubt it (although I do suspect the chef had a tip as to the nationalities before-hand…OR…they prepared for the basics, ie, Indian, Korean, American, UK, etc.)

    And for the guy complaining about a corporation doing something good without posting it on SM…that´s not what corporations are about! Corporations aren´t moral actors, nor are they people…while I´m not a corporate fan anymore than the next leftist, I´m not surprised they marketed this as such.

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