Happy New Year! [2010]

First of all I wanted to wish everyone a very happy New Year. May it be filled with plenty of travel, upgrades, award tickets, promotions, and of course good service. And more importantly (that’s right, travel isn’t the most important thing in life), may it be filled with good health, family, and friends.

I’ve never been a huge fan of “celebrating” the New Year for a few reasons. First of all, the traveler in me is frustrated by any “countdown” to a New Year. We have 24 standard time zones and several intermediate ones, so there’s hardly a moment where we can all celebrate. Most of my family in Germany celebrated the new year at 6PM my time, while my brother who is vacationing in Brazil celebrated it at 9PM my time, while many of my friends on the west coast will celebrate it at 3AM my time.

Besides, what are we really celebrating? You could argue it’s a “new start,” but at the same time the change of a calendar year in and of itself doesn’t change anything. OK, wasn’t meaning to get pessimistic here…. back on topic!

There is one thing that a calendar year does change for many of us — our elite qualifying miles/points balances. The most bittersweet for me was seeing my Mileage Plus account go from this:


to this:


Last year was by far a record year for me. I remember when I made 1K about five years ago, just barely squeezing by with 100,00 elite qualifying miles thanks to various promotions. The following year I once again squeezed by with just enough to requalify. The year after that I earned around 150,000 elite qualifying miles. And the year after that I earned about 200,000 elite qualifying miles. I remember saying to myself I wouldn’t do as much travel as the previous year at the start of 2009, but that plan didn’t pan out thanks to the great fares and even better promotions.

As I start this year I have no intention of surpassing last year’s total. Of course the economy still isn’t great, the airlines are suffering, and so far I’m seeing great fares, so who knows. Nonetheless I’ll start the year off on a good foot and likely requalify for Premier Executive before the month is over. So while I’m sad to see all those “hard earned” elite qualifying miles disappear, I’m ready for challenge that a new year brings

May 2010 be a year filled with happy and (most importantly) safe travels!

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  2. At least you’re at home! I celebrated new year’s with 347 strangers and flight crew sitting on Taxiway B at SFO. Too bad that flight counted towards last year’s EQMs. Hence, I credited that flight to AC.

  3. Wow! 1P before end of January! You have a great shot to be the winner of the highest monthly EQM on United…….if ua1flyer decides to slow down this month. 😉

    Happy new year and look forward to continue reading your blog! ^

  4. Hey I wasn’t as far behind you as I thought I was:

    2009 EQM 302,326
    2009 EQS 66.5

    I guess I did more longhaul paid international than you did last year based on the EQS. 🙂

    I have had a similar buildup over the past 5 years initially eeking by, but the past two years I have had a steady increase in travel. Of couse with 2 rounds of DEQM this year it pushed the numbers way over the top. I hit 1K in the first week of May in 2009, which only beat my 2008 1K by 1 month.

    Happy New Year!

  5. My goal this year would be 400,000 EQM without any promo just butt in seat as my parent’s approval and sponsor $.


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