Free booze at an airport Crowne Plaza but not at a Grand Hyatt?

Last night I stayed at the Crowne Plaza LAX. No, I’m not suggesting the Crowne Plaza was better than any full service Grand Hyatt I’ve stayed at in the US. But there was one aspect of my stay I found interesting. Hyatt recently had a corporate policy change stating that alcoholic beverages can’t be free at any US properties. They weren’t free at most properties, but the few properties that had them for free were forced to switch.

While I don’t drink and that change doesn’t bother me as such, forcing a property to reduce their service in the name of consistency is generally sad. I did find it interesting, however, that the Crowne Plaza LAX, which I snagged for $70, had free booze in the club lounge, which I was upgraded to for free. While it was one of the most bland club lounges I’ve ever used, the attendant was eager to please and I spent the five minutes I was there thinking about this.

Just saying…

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  1. Simple, the above and beyond service given by those that chose to give it away for free was making the majority of the properties that charged for alcohol look bad. I know I tend to take a hit on my view of the property when i go to a lounge and see an overpriced honor bar, when I have been to Doubletree’s even that have a free happy hour in the lounge

  2. The Embassy suites IND had free wine too. It was terrible and served out of plastic cups simisar to the ones you get when you order tap water at a fast food chain like burger king. I’d rather pay $3 for decent wine in a glass at a Grand Hyatt any day.

    As my friend (who is an executive chef at a Waldorf=Astoria property) said when he came to have drinks with me at the Grand Club lounge in a Grand Hyatt said, “$3 is a damn good deal for a decent glass of wine in this city.”

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