Fly the Air France A380 between London and Paris

Air France will be operating their Airbus 380 between Paris and London three to four times weekly over the summer, which means there’s a relatively cheap opportunity to fly the big bird. The fares range are around £80 in coach and £280 in business class. The flights will operated once daily on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays all summer long, as well as Fridays in July.

Tempting in general, though I have a different plan for trying the Airbus 380 if I have time. As Gary points out, Emirates will be flying their Airbus 380 from New York to Dubai again starting in October, though in the meantime the Airbus 380 operates between Toronto and Dubai. If I have time this summer I’ll try the service out of Toronto. I’m leaning towards business class for 115,000 Continental miles (since Continental doesn’t offer first class awards for Emirates), as opposed to United’s rate of 210,000 miles for first class. Though the prospect of getting a first class award and being able to shower at 37,000 feet is very tempting, regardless of the price…

(Tip of the hat to Wandering Aramean)

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  1. I’ve flown the SQ 380 three times, all SINLHR. I find the new UA/F seat better than the SQ/J seat. Even though the SQ/J seat is very wide, when it’s reclined (via stand-up-and-pull-the-seat-back-forward as opposed to just-push-the-button), to lie down you are forced on a diagonal so that your head and feet are in cut-outs. You *don’t* get the entire width when in the flat position. That being said, I’d love to try SQ/R 🙂

  2. Lucky, you do NOT want to got to DXB in summer. as temperatures approach 45-50 Celsius. I would strongly recommend you travel to DXB between October and May.

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