Flight Attendant Made Over A Million Dollars Sleeping With Passengers

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We’ve heard plenty of stories of flight attendants making some extra money on the side for sex (in Japan it even seems to be with the pilots), though usually it’s not while actively on duty. Well, except in this case, apparently.


Via Emirates 24/7:

A stewardess was caught with a passenger inside the lavatory of an aircraft owned by a Middle East carrier during flight.

The airlines immediately sacked the hostess after she admitted to seducing with other passengers during flight to make money, newspapers said, adding that the unnamed stewardess had made more than $1 million (Dh3.7 million) over two years.

“She admitted that she had sex with many other passengers during flight and that she preferred long distance flights between the Gulf and the United States,” the Saudi Arabic language daily ‘Sada’ said.

The paper did not name the airline but said it immediately sacked and deported the stewardess, who had made $2,000 almost on every flight.

Now we’re of course talking about a lot of unnamed sources here… but WOW!

Sex with multiple passengers per flight on almost every flight, and she got away with it for almost two years? I’m sort of speechless! This takes “sex sells” to a whole new level!

Do you believe this story, or you think it’s exaggerated?

  1. Snack box: $8
    Checking in a bag: $25
    Upgrade to economy plus: $45
    Joining the mile high club with a flight attendant: $2000

    Does she take mastercard?

  2. How is this possibile? 1 million of dollars? We are talking about hundreds and hundreds of flights. And her colleagues never noticed anything?

    If this numbers are true it’s absolutely disgusting. I’m not a bigot, 1,2,3 times it could happen, but not HUNDREDS

  3. Didn’t you say you got some action from a FA (gratis apparently) to Rolling Stone?

    Some color on that would make sense with this post.

  4. Eh maybe she enjoys sex most guys would do it for free. If she’s really into it might as well get paid for it. Old fashioned ideas about which gender can enjoy and have multiple partners without discrimation is silly. If a guy bedded a million women he’d be the “man”

  5. You have enough friends who work for the Gulf carriers so you can’t really pretend that this is a total shock. At least one of the carriers has a “mafia” in crew scheduling who effectively run an escort service – they will schedule a ready, willing and able crew member onto your flight for a fee. To be fair, I’ve never heard of them actually getting it on while on board – rather it is arranged for the layover after the flight – but I can see the natural progression. And $2000 is on the low end of what these girls charge.

  6. Why paying for sth like that? If you are a Quasimodo maybe, but with a bit of charme and a sense of humor it’s quite easy. Ofc not during the flight, but most of them are fine with a diner at their hub or at the destination where they have their hotel. Showing real interest in their personal background is the keyword. My success rate is quite good in F and rather bad in J’lol’

  7. The world’s youngest fleet and the world’s oldest profession.

    At least Cathay’s crew has the decency to only do it with the cockpit crew 😉

  8. Now THAT’s service! The US carriers and union-heavy flight crews have been screwing their self-loading cargo, but the results have never been as pleasurable.

  9. I think the important questions here are:

    1. a. Could you redeem miles for this value added service?
    1. b. If so, did she do any promotional miles discounts on certain routes or doing certain seasons/periods

    2.a. How many miles could you earn and was it based on a Revenue system, Distance Flown or Level of Activity system?
    2. b. Did she over any promotions or bonus categories? Like 5 x miles earned for certain services.

    3.a. As someone else asked, did she accept cards?
    3.b. Were the transactions processed by points.com ? i.e. did the transactions count as airline spend?
    3.c. Did she over a co-branded Amex or Citi card?

    However, I do call bull on the 1m dollars. Making 2k per flight would mean 500 flights over 2 years. Meaning if she flew 5 flights per week every week for 2 years straight, she’d have had to earn 2k on every single flight without exception. And if she didn’t accept cards, who still carries that type of cash on their person during an international flight?

    Hopefully, her bank accounts aren’t frozen and she can still access her money how ever much/little it is.

  10. No I don’t believe it. I doubt if she would ever admit that she made a million, or that she had been doing it for 500 flights. Why would she?
    And 2k for standing up action in the toilet? Would 500 suckers pay that? Not likely.
    I might believe that 10 billionaire sheiks gave her $100k once each time. Would have to see her photo.

  11. So I’m assuming that international airspace is much like international waters where various laws don’t apply. So she got sacked by the airline but she made a $1M – much more than she could have ever made working as a FA for them (as unlike US airlines they make them retire sooner – i.e. when they are no longer single and pretty).

  12. Oh, for the good old days (in my case the seventies) when one could sleep with FAs (OK, in my case just one FA) without a commercial transaction. In those days many women (OK, some women, but enough) considered casual sex liberating.

  13. 24/7’s as raggy a magazine as you’ll get around here…. and them citing a Saudi daily doesn’t add any credence.

  14. So, Sid, calling a slut disgusting makes one a bigot? I think you need a dictionary. (It’s a book with the definitions of words in it.)

  15. Whilst I’m hesitant to believe the dollar value of her claims, I’m not at all surprised that this kind of thing goes on!

    On a recent (and fairly empty) evening flight from North America to the Middle East, I hit it off with a SFS who was working the First and Business cabins. He escorted me to my suite when I boarded, yet I didn’t see him again until later when I decided to head back and spend some time at the bar, which he was working.

    3 hours and countless cocktails later, it was obvious what was on our minds and I invited him back to my hotel room once we landed. He agreed and offered to escort me back to my suite. I settled in to bed and he came by again to bid me goodnight. My excitement through my pyjamas was obvious, and as the cabin was dark, he leant over and gave me one of the best ‘goodnights’ I’ve ever had!

    That’s the closest I’ve got to joining the mile high club, but I’m fairly content with that! For the record, no money exchanged hands.

  16. This sounds either like total BS or greatly exaggerated. Do the math. $1million in a year at $2,000 per flight would require 500 flights in a year or almost 10 a week. BS.

    Mandated rest and time off would not permit that much time in the air.

  17. Imagine all the germs. Ben, you surely were on one of these flights and either touched or inhailed some of the byproducts.

  18. I agree with the many other commenters who are skeptical. That’s an awful lot of cash an awful lot of times. Some sex for sale, sure, but the numbers seem way exaggerated.

  19. Not going to state whether or not I think the figures were inflated or not, but:

    “Do the math. $1million in a year at $2,000 per flight would require 500 flights in a year or almost 10 a week.”

    From the post:
    “the unnamed stewardess had made more than $1 million (Dh3.7 million) over two years.”

    Do the math indeed…

  20. Who said it was a flat $2000 rate? As Sean M mentioned, this is usually arranged ahead of time so that rate could fluctuate based on income, which cabin they were in, etc. It could also depend on which “services” were performed/allowed to be performed, just like a land based prostitute.

  21. It just says $2,000/pop. You are all assuming that there was only 1 person/flight. If she agreed to go “short time” with 4 people/flight, that would be 125 flights over two years, or 63/year, or just barely over 1RT/week.

    And THAT is ENTIRELY doable.

  22. I think this story is exagerated. Because (some) people always pay “stupid” amounts for sex. I can never sleep with such people, for love or for money. Some dude can offer you only $10, to have sex with you. At that rate, she would have to sleep with
    100, 000 men to make the $1M

  23. @Neil S about your question “And were elites charged less?”
    No, but they were sucked up to more.

  24. Good for her. Us men do it all the time and we are considered studs for it. I wish I got paid for all the broads I banged.

  25. Its believable.. she probably worked for a middle eastern airline.. and as we know. Their currency is stronger than the US dollar.. quite close to the GBpound. So it’s strong. As far as flying is concerned.. flight attendants fly ALOT.. they can.. even requesting flights or swapping shorter flights for longer flights .. different layover destinations..additionally, it is also possible to accumulate lots of flying hours by operating lots of flights which is a plus with regard to salary.

    She must have saved alot of money too but definitely signed herself up with an escort agency detailing her search criteria ‘business travellers’ or various online sites such as seekingarrangement.com or whatsyourprice.com.

    Yup. She made alot of money. People are allowed to make their own with what they want to do in their lives..and are free to do what they like with their bodies i guess… but sleeping with many people is abit scary.

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