Etihad offering 5,000 miles for joining their BusinessConnect program

Etihad is offering 5,000 bonus miles for joining their BusinessConnect program. All you have to do is fill out their short registration form, the biggest catch of which is that you have to upload a copy of your EIN. Perhaps an SSN would work as well if you’re in the US, though I haven’t tried it.

Best I can tell there aren’t really any terms associated with the 5,000 mile bonus. There was no mention of it upon completing the form, though since I do have a legitimate business with an EIN I figured I might as well give it a shot. 5,000 miles is a pretty hefty bonus, even if it’s an otherwise lesser used program.

(Tip of the hat to TJ On Miles & Points)


  1. I signed up for one. They requested a Document upload proving EIN so a SSN alone won’t cut it.

    Also, didn’t prompt me for Eithad Guest Account number, so Gary might be right about that.

  2. So after I get these 5k how else do I earn these miles? No AMEX or Chase connection? If not just a bit too boutique……..

  3. @ RJ Brown — They do partner with Starwood, though that’s the extent of it as far as I know. Definitely tough to rack up more miles aside from flying with them or their partners.

  4. So if you were to rack up Starwood points would their Business ticket to Europe be a good use of the miles……ie NYC-Milan?

  5. I believe one good way is to rack up SPG and Transfer to JAL then book. The JAL route is distance based. Milan priced from JFK I can’t see on the Eithad website, but mileage calculator has it coming in at 4010 miles each way – when the threshold is 4000…

    Their chart is weird though –

    Biz one way 2K-4K distance is 42K JAL
    Biz on way 4010 distance leaps to 60K JAL

    But when flying round trip the difference between 8000 and 8010 miles is 63K to 65K JAL, which is cheap as chips.

  6. @ RJ Brown — No, still not a good use of miles. As Matt says, Japan Airlines transfers would be a better value for travel on Emirates.

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