Do you travel with a stuffed animal?

Check out this ABC News article. Especially this tidbit:

Well, in the last 12 months, British hotel chain Travelodge has reunited more than 75,000 bears with the owners. That’s a lot of stuffed animals left at its 452 hotels in the United Kingdom and Spain. So the company decided to investigate a bit further.

Travelodge surveyed 6,000 Britons and discovered that 35 percent of adults admitted they sleep with their teddy because they found cuddling their bear comforting. Additionally, many said the calming feeling of a bear hug helped them lower their stress level after a hard day.

And it turns out that a large number of the bear-toting travelers are men.

Travelodge said that 25 percent of men reported they take their teddy bear away with them when going away on business. The stuffed animal supposedly reminds them of home and — some say — helps fill a cuddle-void left by distant partners.

Admit it. Who travels with their teddy bear?

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  1. I think all these stuffed animals flying around and staying in hotels with their master or mistress are what is causing the international bedbug infestation. I mean, how many of you throw your teddy bear into a scalding bath when you get home from a trip? Just saying.

  2. AUSTEX, my thoughts exactly. I thought this post was going to be about bedbugs, or about TSA missing more drug/gun-stuffed teddy bears!

  3. What’s worse, a teddy in the luggage or carrying the pillow from your bed at home through the airport?

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