Captain Denny’s May flight schedule

By popular demand, here’s Captain Denny’s flight schedule for May. I left out the first trip which he’s just finishing up, so this is his travel starting on the 7th. Of course his schedule is subject to change due to irregular operations/schedule changes, but chances are this will be it.

If you can get on one of his flights it’s a real treat. And of course don’t be shy, say hello to him!

05/07 UA123 ORD-LAX 17:18-19:51
05/08 UA942 LAX-ORD 10:47-16:52
05/08 UA246 ORD-BUF 19:20-22:04
05/09 UA251 IAD-PDX 17:40-20:20
05/10 UA722 PDX-ORD 08:38-14:37

05/15 UA651 ORD-SAN 20:15-22:46
05/16 UA900 SAN-SFO 11:21-13:00
05/16 UA292 SFO-MCO 14:13-22:34
05/17 UA215 MCO-DEN 15:27-17:28
05/17 UA329 DEN-PHX 18:55-20:06
05/18 UA656 PHX-ORD 06:51-12:13

05/22 UA188 ORD-TPA 13:20-17:04
05/22 UA389 TPA-ORD 17:54-19:45
05/22 UA414 ORD-BOS 21:05-00:30
05/23 UA593 BOS-DEN 18:01-20:33
05/23 UA663 DEN-LAS 21:18-22:13
05/24 UA230 LAS-DEN 15:01-18:04
05/24 UA329 DEN-PHX 18:55-20:06
05/25 UA656 PHX-ORD 06:51-12:13

05/30 UA360 ORD-IAD 11:13-14:03
05/30 UA395 IAD-ORD 15:01-16:15
05/30 UA542 ORD-BOS 18:25-21:53
05/31 UA785 BOS-DEN 10:04-12:51
05/31 UA085 DEN-LAX 15:03-16:33
06/01 UA840 LAX-ORD 11:46-17:49
06/01 UA248 ORD-DTW 18:55-21:15
06/02 UA365 DTW-ORD 08:00-08:19

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  1. Ugh, I had such hopes. Closest call is me leaving MCO 7am, hours before he arrives from SFO. [sigh]

  2. Grr. I’m flying ORD-PHX and PHX-DEN, but on 5/18 and 5/20. Argh – so close!

  3. Darn, no PHL flights in here. I flew with him about two years ago I think – had no idea he was famous Capt. Denny. Why doesn’t United pay him to train all their frontline employees in customer service?

  4. Argh! I’m doing DEN-BOS on the 25th, as part of my MR. I still haven’t had the opportunity to fly with Denny..

  5. I almost booked that 5/16 SFO-MCO flight. Instead, I went after an extra couple of segments and booked SJC-SBA-LAX-MCO. I am a CO elite anyway, so I likely wouldn’t have been in first class, anyway, but if I had known, I probably would have booked the SFO flight. Oh well…

  6. Captain Denny,

    Finally got around to finding your site. Hope all is well.

    Formerly (Dirt Devil) Dan

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