Beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand time lapse video

Yesterday I shared my four favorite places in the world, one of which is Queenstown, New Zealand.

Funny enough, on the same day this incredible time lapse video of Queenstown was posted on YouTube:

If you haven’t been, after seeing this you might understand why I think Queenstown offers among the nicest scenery anywhere in the world.

It really is time I book another award ticket to return to New Zealand…

(Tip of the hat to @nomer on Twitter)

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  1. And to think: I still live in Charlotte. What a joke. I haven’t been to NZ in 10 years and how I miss it.

  2. The video piqued my interest even more. I can’t wait to get down to Christchurch and Queenstown over Thanksgiving. I managed to swing a first class return via SYD and SIN during SQ’s system glitch.

  3. My husband and I went to NZ in 2010. To say this is one of the most beautiful and pristine countries in the world would be an understatement! We loved Queenstown! One day, perhaps, we shall return. Thanks so much for sharing!

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