That Was Quick – Approved For The BA Visa Card!

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Update: This offer for the British Airways Visa Signature® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

A few days ago I applied for the British Airways Visa Signature® Card. At the moment the card has a nice limited time sign-up bonus offering additional Avios for reaching certain spending threshold — at most you can earn 100,000 bonus Avios after spending $20,000 within a year. Even if you don’t want to spend all the way to that threshold, there’s still a ton of value to be had — you can earn 50,000 bonus Avios after spending just $3,000 within three months.

Keep in mind that this is one of the few remaining Chase cards that isn’t subjected to the 5/24 rule, so you’re eligible for this card even if you’ve opened more than five accounts in the past 24 months. Furthermore, you’re eligible for the card as long as you don’t have the card right now, and haven’t earned the new cardmember bonus on the card in the past 24 months.

I had this card years ago back when it was first introduced, though decided to pick it up again, especially as I might find it worthwhile to try and earn the travel together certificate.

So several days ago I applied for the British Airways Visa Signature® Card online, and got a message thanking me for applying and asking me to call Chase to discuss my application.

I phoned them up, and the representative spent about 10 minutes analyzing my credit score, and asked if I would be willing to move around some credit, given how many Chase cards I have.  I of course agreed.

The representative said that a senior analyst would have to look the application over for it to be approved, which could take 1-2 weeks.

Well, I was happy to log into my Chase account the day after I applied, and find the following card listed:


It looks like it did indeed come through. They took $5,000 of credit off my Hyatt Card, and gave me a total credit line of $10,000 on my British Airways Card.

I’m excited to complete the minimum spend on this card, though am still trying to decide just how much spend I want to complete, given that there are incentives to spend $3,000, $10,000, $20,000, and $30,000.

I know a lot of people avoid British Airways Avios because of the hefty surcharges when redeeming on British Airways. However, there are so many great ways to redeem them that don’t involve massive surcharges, like American itineraries within the Americas, British Airways itineraries within Europe, Aer Lingus, Alaska, LATAM, etc.

Has anyone else been approved for the BA Visa during the current limited time offer, and if so, what was your approval process like?

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  1. I applied and got the standard wait message. I called the reconsideration line next day. Very nice to deal with… just moved around some credit lines (I have 6, now 7 Chase cards). Happy to have gotten this BA Visa. I really thought I would be denied, but the 5/24 rule, which prevented me from getting the Sapphire Reserve, doesn’t apply. This one will be fun. Daughter and family are moving to Dubai over the summer. with the 100k avios, which we will have by January, and over 100k AA miles in the books, flying around Eurpoe and the Middle East will be grand!

  2. If British Airways still flew the Concorde, I may have kept accruing miles and points with them. I’d love to fly on the Concorde again, it still is the best flight experience I’ve had, which is saying a lot.

  3. I posted earlier that I got instant online approval and $33,000 credit limit. I have had 19 cards in past 12 months LOL

  4. Lucky…
    based on your recommendation I applied online, so you should earn a commission…;)
    I got a notice that they would snailmail a reply
    two days later they called to verify information, and asked about cutting back on other Chase credit lines.
    i’m fine with that – who needs $30+K on any one card?
    since then BA has sent a few emails welcoming me to Avios
    i didn’t think to look at Chase online, since I can’t use the account before receiving the physical card
    but now i’m doing so…
    and it’s there!
    with a $32K limit which I don’t really need.
    altogether a fairly customer friendly process i believe…

  5. I currently have this card. @Lucky, what is the best method that you suggest to reach the 30K spend per year?

  6. Hi

    How can I check when I had this card in the past?
    I did have it but forgot when I got the bonus. Any way of checking?

  7. Lucky: given the outrageous fuel surcharges on BA metal, how would you use the travel together certificate to get good value? Flying RT in J from U.S. east coast to someplace interesting like South Africa (JFK-JNB, via LHR of course) would still be something like 270k Avios + $2,700 after using the travel together certificate but paying taxes & fees for both people! That sounds too high to me. Any better ideas?

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