Are you an airplane cookie dunker?

For me one of the most entertaining parts of flying first class is when cookies and milk are served. You see people in suits dunking their cookies in milk, which is a priceless site. So admit it, how many of you do this?


By the way, I took it one step further yesterday, and it was totally worth it. I asked for a spoon, and separated the cookie into about a dozen pieces. I then placed them all in the milk, and after about a minute enjoyed the pure crumby, chocolaty goodness…. give it a try!

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  1. Unfortunately, if all they have is whole milk, that’s too rich for me..too thick.

    Otherwise, YES! If I have 3 cookies, I’ll take the first one and depth charge it into my milk, dunk the others, then have something yummier than plain milk to down afterwards.

    While we’re talking about odd habits – try pouring a little milk (say, 1 oz) over a bowl of ice cream that is really really frozen cold. It crystalizes the margins, and gives an interesting consistency.

  2. Not a dunker. I just take a bite, take a drink, repeat. Seems the same to me with less potential for drips/accidents. I’m a clumsy eater on airplanes so I need all the help I can get.

  3. You didnt dunk as much as soak. Dunk implies you drop cookie in milk, take it out, and eat. Which I do do

  4. Unless the milk comes with ice cubes and a shot of espresso or two and some chocolate syrup, I won’t touch it. Yuck!

  5. Hey Lucky – I find that they only offer milk about 25% of the time. Do you find the same thing to be the case?

  6. I find that they offer cookies with milk on transcons, mostly, when the cookies are served just prior to landing. Otherwise, on shorter flights, they typically don’t automatically offer them. But that’s why I ask.

  7. I would like to know what is the recipe for these cookies so much talk if
    could give me before Thursday would you like it and I need it!

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