All you can jet with JetBlue!

Talk about a killer deal! JetBlue is offering an “all you can jet” promotion through August 21, for travel from September 8 to October 8 for just $599. Bookings need to be made three days in advance, but you have last seat availability, which makes this a killer offer. Domestic taxes and fees are even included. While there’s no way to beat the system by trying to earn extra TrueBlue points, you do get 35 points for getting this pass. Full details can be found here.

Seriously, this is a crazy good deal. Basically for $150/week you can fly wherever you want as often as you want. That’s cheaper than virtually any single roundtrip!

(Tip of the hat to Eric)

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  1. Downside is that you can’t go on a flight in the same city in the same day… so SEA-JFK-MCO would need to be done over two days. Thumbs down.

  2. “You may only book one flight per city per day; if a violation of this policy is found, JetBlue will honor only the last booking made and cancel the customer’s other bookings from that city on that day.”

    Seems to me that SEA-JFK and JFK-MCO uses the same city twice. Maybe it’s just poorly written.

  3. Ahhh seems that the marketing folks wrote it poorly…

    “Booking multiple flights departing from the same city on the same day is prohibited, and any such bookings will be cancelled with the
    exception of the most recently booked flight.”

  4. @ bmvaughn

    I just called JetBlue and asked about this. What I was told is that the restriction is on flying the same path multiple times a day, e.g. Dulles-Logan, Logan-Dulles, then Dulles-Logan again. Basically, it’s to stop people from booking like three separate times for the same flight on the same day.

    I specifically asked about whether this affects something like the SEA-JFK-MCO situation and was told no, transfers are fine. So is doing a Dulles-Logan, Logan-Dulles in one day.

    All the restriction is meant to do is keep people from spam booking a day since they wouldn’t have to worry about cancellation fees/charges.

  5. Wow – tempting, but for me it would require a 3h drive to SYR or BTV.

    It’s too bad they won’t give miles. AC has unlimited passes, although priced much higher, directed at business travellers. The first time they offered it in 2005, normal miles were earned for all flights. For $7,000, a flyertalker earned 1 million miles, flying almost every day for 60 days. AC learned its lesson and subsequently only gave fixed miles on purchasing the pass.


  6. Question, how many calls / e mails have you all received from friends asking about this?? :>)

    I received one so far. :>

  7. @ [email protected] — I remember that. It was a blast following along, and I have all the respect in the world for that guy.

    @ Dan — Surprisingly enough, not too many! From my FF friends, the fact that they don’t earn miles caused them to lose interest, and most of my other friends think a $49 fare to NY is expensive, so wouldn’t necessarily be interested in this. 😉

  8. it would have been great for me if JB had flights from EWR to IAD.

    Why don’t the airlines have negotiated rates ala hotels for frequent flyers?

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