Alaska Airlines Launches “I Am Alaska” Campaign

On Monday Alaska Airlines launched their “I Am Alaska” campaign, which seems to be intended to boost morale at the airline in their ongoing battle against Delta. Apparently they’ll soon be distributing “I Am Alaska” pins for employees to wear.

Here’s the the YouTube video, along with the description:

“I am Alaska” celebrates the great people of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. Their hard work and perseverance has kept the airlines safe and on time. Their award-winning customer service and innovation has earned their customers’ loyalty. Throughout the company, employees everywhere are proud to say, “I am Alaska.”

It’s a nice video, though I do find it a bit odd that they specifically call out Delta. Towards the beginning of the video they show a Delta 767 landing and say the following:

Look at our number one on time record. What we do in our community. How we treat our customers. Our innovation. Our list of firsts. Our routes. Our pride in everything we do. It’s easy for a bigger airline to see all this and think ‘we can do that too,’ but what’s not so easy to see is how. They see the success, but they don’t see the work, the desire, the drive it takes to operate at this level day in and day out.”

Seriously?! Alaska and Delta are both ridiculously well run airlines all things considered, so just kind of funny to hear Alaska calling out Delta and basically telling them they don’t know what goes into running an airline.

Anyway, I do think it’s a nice concept and will motivate employees. Alaska has been doing a good job “rallying” their employees against Delta and motivating them to deliver more. I’ve spoken to several employees at Alaska lately that kind of have the “bring it on, Delta” mentality, and there’s not really anything more Alaska could hope for from their employees.

Interesting times here in Seattle…

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  1. In addition to “thank you for flying with us” the flight attendant added “and supporting our families” on our AS flight back to SAN from FTU.
    I often find conversations with AS phone agents to be similar to talking with a friendly neighbor. So even though it may be tough to differentiate an airline based on its people, I find that Alaska staff truly do provide a level of service that’s a cut above the rest.
    I’m proud to say “I fly Alaska” and hope they remain independent. Drive on AS and keep your free spirit!

  2. Flown them once and truly impressed by the service. They do not have new planes and their lounge at SEA is a bit outdated. But the people, from phone agent, ticket counter agent to the crew, really bring some warmness to the travel experience. I wish them to do well.

  3. Alaska has never gone bankrupt, so if you’re looking for one aspect of an airline operation where they can legitimately claim they’re better than Delta, this one might qualify.

    That, and they’re just awesome. And also my opinion is very biased.

  4. doublejade said,
    Flown them once and truly impressed by the service. They do not have new planes…..

    That one flight must have been on one of their older aircraft because they have one of the newer fleets in the US according to …and getting newer-
    “In October 2012, Alaska placed the largest order in its history when it ordered a total of 50 Boeing 737s in a deal worth US$5 billion at list prices. The order consists of 20 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, 17 Boeing 737 MAX 9s and 13 Boeing 737-900ERs.” -wikipedia

  5. A fellow FTU attendee and I chatted with an Alaska FA on our way from the hotel to SeaTac and she was kind of anti-Delta as well. But, somehow, this video makes AS seem a bit desperate. If I were Delta, I’d be heralding the fact that AS is so afraid of DL they deemed it necessary to make this video.

    Was flying Delta back to Houston but didn’t get a chance to speak to Delta folks to get their perspective (due to delays, had 19 min connection in SLC but made it after setting a new record for sprinting with a carryon 😛 ).

  6. Reminds me of Gerald Ford’s speech when he introduced 100 million WIN buttons for WHIP INFLATION NOW. That worked so well the prime rate went to 21%.

  7. It happened again last week; the captain came out just before take off with his coat and hat on and thanked everyone for flying with Alaska and said that he realizes that it is the passengers that pay his wages. A variant of this has happened several times in the last two years. After 20 years and 1mm with Delta, I never saw such personal attention from a Delta flight deck crew. So, yes, there is a difference.

  8. Alaska and Delta are in a price and route war, which is why this campaign targets that.

    Anyone who has experienced the surly service on Delta is probably a secondary audience.

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