About those pesky pre-6AM flights….

While I’m usually not a morning person, I do just fine getting up for early flights…. up until a certain point. I never count on getting a full night of sleep before flying, because I go to bed at my normal time (the wee hours of the night), and get up at some early hour (the wee hours of the night). The worst for me, however, is the flight I have tomorrow morning from Tampa to Washington. It departs at 5:40AM, which means I have to get up at 3AM.

So what would you do in this case? I know I won’t make it to bed before 1AM, or so. Should I even try sleeping? I’ve been in the same situation so many times before, and I usually end up getting about 45 minutes of sleep, since I roll around in my bed for about 45 minutes pondering whether or not I’ll hear the alarm.


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  1. I recently had a 5am flight. After deciding I would stay up despite lack of sleep the previous few nights I fell asleep around 3am only to be woken by the alarm 30 minutes later. Sometimes you don’t have a choice – body overrules what you intend.

  2. 3 am? that’s two hours BEFORE my bedtime.

    You think you’ve got it bad, when i do a MR i’ve got to drive 2 hours to the airport. So if i’m leaving on a 6 am flight, i’m sleeping on planes.

  3. I think I took that 5:40am flight out of tampa 2 weeks ago – it’s to IAD, right? Not only did i have no sleep, but NO FOOD! Since you are a night owl like me, I say just stay up – then you will be more tired and have a better chance of sleeping once you get on the plane. If you still have trouble sleeping on the plane, just put on your headphones and watch “Paul Blart, Mall Cop” for the 10th time in 2 weeks – then you’ll be out like a light 🙂

  4. Once when I was in Barcelona, my friends convinced me to stay up all night before an early morning flight. Part of the plan was a little bar hopping. Let’s just say it led to the longest flight EVER!

  5. I vote stay up! I always pull the all-nighter for a early morning flight. It’s the redetyes that require careful attention on my end–I often go to bed at 4AM pacific, which is after the redeyes usually land…

  6. And the verdict is in…..

    I tried to go to sleep at around 1:45AM but couldn’t fall asleep, so I’m back up. Stay up it is! This should make for an interesting day.

  7. Do what I do…Take some Nyquil and go to bed at about 8pm and get a good night sleep. You will wake up feeling great and have an excellent day.

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