A plea to Summer Harvest Selects Premier Snack Mix

As I snack away at a couple of packs a day of snack mix I stole from the Red Carpet Club, I feel obliged to share an observation which really bothers me: some packages are 90% pretzels with hardly any of the good stuff, while other packages are about 50% pretzels with the rest being split between those little cajun stick things, nuts, and those crunchy things.

Please be a bit more consistent and consistently include more of the good stuff!

My taste buds

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  1. LOL. That ticks me off too! I wish UA would get a mix with just the sesame and cajun sticks.

    I always stock up on those at the SFO RCC and have about a dozen packs left.

    Last time I was there I grabbed about two dozen packs at once, and the bartender put her hand on mine and said, “Do you like those?”

    I smiled and said, “What do you think?”

    BTW, I wouldn’t call it stealing!

  2. @MattLAX – did you get her number? You’d have great stories about how you’d met.

    How about a plea that the stuff inside is remotely fresh? Some of those sesame sticks taste as if their oil component has gone rancid.

  3. Lucky, I couldn’t agree more. I am not really a pretzels fan, to be honest. Actually, one of the few things that I like about WN is the fact that they still peanuts, even of the honey roasted variety. It may be a slow news week, but sometimes it is the small things that count.

  4. Sounds like you deserve a $250 Type A certificate for your inconvenience…..

    I say lose the pretzels! I always eat them first so as to get to the good stuff.

    Maybe if we picked them out and left a pile of pretzels for the FAs to clean up, they’d pass along our feedback… LOL.

  5. Ben,

    I usually ask for two or three bags and then I make my own mix – mostly picking out most of the pretzels and putting them in the other bag. You are exactly right about the inconsistency of the mix!

  6. There was none at the RCC at SFO this morning. I checked for you. Maybe tomorrow since my flight leaves a bit later. 😀

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