4,800 Northwest miles for $42!

Via View from the Wing:

Through January 30 (I meant to blog this awhile ago…) Vinesse Wine Club is offering 4500 Northwest miles for signup, in addition to 8 Northwest miles per dollar spent. Here’s the offer.

 So that’s six bottles of wine for $6.99 each, along with free shipping. As long as you remember to cancel, this is a great deal. I’ll be getting this for my dad, who’ll appreciate wine that’s basically free (I prefer whining).


  1. I did a similar deal they had with Alaska Airlines (but it was 2700 miles). I cancelled after a month but they never posted my 2700 miles.

    When I wrote to Alaska to complain that my miles were never posted, they referred me back to Vitesse.

    So, word of warning: you may have to fight for these points…

  2. Funny how Delta and NWA coordinate offers. I got an identical offer from Delta on the 22nd but with only 2,000 miles.

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