Who says Lufthansa won’t change bmi… here come the changes!

Here’s another huge change to the bmi Diamond Club program. Starting May 1, first class awards will cost 2.5x as much as coach awards, as opposed to 2x as much. This applies to both miles only awards and cash and points awards. Furthermore, Lufthansa first class awards will incur a 10,000 mile surcharge for each direction of travel.

It’s interesting to note that one could previously not redeem cash and points awards for Lufthansa first class, so this makes it possible once again. Something tells me people still aren’t happy about the change. ­čśë

(Thanks to Lewis for bringing this to my attention)

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  1. Let the games commence!

    I’d be careful in your estimation lucky.. we’re not sure that its C+M on LH +10k for F or it’s Mileage only + 10K for LH F.

    For now, I predict a flurry of F Redemptions are going to flood in… where as the budget crowd will go for C.

    Ah.. like I said. Fun ahead.

    Try: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/bmi-diamond-club/927619-change-cost-all-f-award-flights-x2-5-lh-f-carry-10k-surcharge-e-w.html for how the board is deconstructing this ….

  2. I personally wouldn’t stick a load of miles into BMI now unless you are sure to redeem them soon – or if you’re going for the long term *S/*G status

    The other big question that has yet to be answered.. is it 10k one way.. or 2 ways?

    Which then begs the question if you’re stuck in old F on an LH flight… is your seat worth 20k extra?

    Which then begs anohter question.. is 20k worth it to access the First Class Terminal in FRA?.

    Questions Questions…

  3. The question has been answered – it’s 10k PER LEG.

    So if you want LH return, it’s 20k EXTRA for LH F.

    Do the math ­čśÇ

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