What’s unusual about this seatmap?


Someone on this flight might be a bit too social….

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  1. LOL, i read a USA today poll recently asking people whether they liked window, middle, or isle seats. and the results were 63%, 1%, and 36%, respectively. I guess one of the 1% is one this flight.

  2. That’s great… took me a while to find Mr. 11B but that’s great. I guess he’s hoping for an upgrade.

  3. Or, he was a non-elite flier traveling with a 1K. The on K had his/her upgrade clear, but the flying companion did not, leaving him in the middle seat.

  4. Last week a friend of mine encountered one of these rare prefer the middle seat freaks on a flight out of MSY. Door closed, friend in aisle, weirdo in middle, friend says “ohh great, looks like the window is open, care to spread out?” The middle seat pax said something like “No, you are welcome to have the window seat if you want, but I *prefer* the middle”

  5. maybe the guy has acrophobia and doesnt want to stay any where near the window, and he feels safe to sit in the middle?

  6. I think it could very well be a father/mother (who doesn’t like window seats) traveling together with their child, and who don’t realize that it makes more sense to book window and aisle (since any rational person would switch out of the middle seat to accommodate the child).

    I’m amazed how many people *don’t* pay attention to seat assignments.

  7. Yep, Eric. The guy who chose 6E has no excuse! If he is travelling with 6D then he, of course, should choose 6F (in an attempt to block out.)

    BTW, a fun “trick” to use if you are on a SouthWest flight and you want to dissuade people from sitting next to you: pull down your tray and then open up the barf bag and sit it down on the tray. Then stare at it, like you’ll need it soon. No one will sit near you!

    Ha! ha!

  8. Maybe he/she’s planning on letting the window and aisle pax know about an exciting multi-level marketing opportunity they’ve recently discovered…

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