Want to waste five minutes of your life?

Good news, John Battelle is here to help! Check out this Business Insider article he wrote about, well, nothing. So to summarize his complaints, airline pricing is irrational and airlines have different fare buckets available which could potentially raise the price of your tickets if multiple people are traveling. Next.

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  1. Yeah..i bitched about that myself. I left a comment saying, in essence – stop bitching and vote with your wallet.

  2. This kind of article really highlights the difference between a serious traveller and FlyerTalk people. Serious travellers know a lot, but FlyerTalk people are borderline obsessive. Good pick up on the article.

  3. Mildly amusing, but nothing new there…and his repeated use of “cel phone” shows he’s either (a) not that bright or (b) doesn’t know how to use spell check.

    If he’d taken his experience and expanded it into an explanation of how fare buckets work, it could have made a good primer for his readers. Lost opportunity…

  4. Mr. Battelle appears to think that airline ticket prices are like movie ticket prices.

    The transcript of his call reminds me of another call, except for in the other situation the caller has the opposite problem. He thinks movie ticket prices are like seats on an airplane and expects the price to change with the number of tickets purchased:


    What Mr. Battelle and the other caller have in common is that they both seem to want something extra for being special. I’m not sure why he would call reservations in the first place other than to see if he was entitled to some kind of a discount in “business class” to Tuscon for being an “Executive Premier”.

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