USAirways eliminates 500 minimum miles per segment!

Gotta love US, always finding a way to hit a new low!

As part of our continuing efforts to provide valuable benefits to our frequent flyers, US Airways is making a change to our Dividend Miles program. We’re making these changes to offset record fuel prices and rising airline related expenses while maintaining the benefits you’ve come to expect. Beginning May 1, 2008, Dividend Miles will award the actual number of miles flown rather than a minimum number of miles flown for each segment. Also, members who redeem miles for award travel within 14-days of departure on will be assessed a quick ticketing fee.

The good thing is that this only applies to those that credit their miles to US. While I do occasionally end up having to fly US, I don’t credit my miles to them, and when crediting to Mileage Plus I should continue to receive the 500 mile minimum. My only hope is that the other airlines don’t follow US and start doing the same, although I doubt it will happen. What’s ridiculous about this is that some of the most expensive routes are under 500 miles, so you’re really screwing the people that are paying a lot to fly short distances. Oh, and of course no devaluation email is complete without the “It’s good for you spin,” in this case the first sentence.

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  1. Boo on US..thankfully I only fly them for SFO-PIT occasionally (the nonstop is just so convenient). If UA did this I would definitely not be happy, because I rack up a good portion of my miles on inter-CA travel

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