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I’m pretty sure the last time I heard that, US Airways eliminated free soft drinks in coach. šŸ˜‰

Basically US Airways is adding another award tier. Check out the press releaseĀ and FAQ’s. Now there are low, medium, and high tier awards. I’m not sure what exactly this means for most of us, since they don’t clarify whether or not this applies to Star Alliance awards as well. This phrase in the press release leads me to believe it does:

With GoAwards, our frequent flyers will be able to book more travel when they want to more than 1,000 destinations in 171 countries on US Airways or our Star Alliance partners

At the same time, that wouldn’t make all that much sense since there’s just one bucket of inventory for Star Alliance awards. But then again since the award levels depend on blackout dates instead of actual flight loads, it might. Only time will tell. Either way, the award chart looks ridiculously expensive.Ā A “high”Ā tier award to Europe from the US costs 350,000 miles in business class on US Airways, and even that’s capacity controlled!

While US Airways miles are very valuable when it comes to booking Star Alliance awards (thanks to their low award prices, liberal routing rules, and lack of Starnet blocking), I wouldn’t necessarily want them sitting around in an account collecting dust for too long….

(Tip of the hat to Hunter)

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  1. haven’t looked at the details but, at first blush, sounds suspiciously similar to the DL award structure.

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