US Airways unveils a million miler program!

Wait a second, people actually fly US Airways? I thought all they did was sell miles.

According to their website, US Airways is now offering Silver status for life for those that fly one million lifetime miles on US Airways flights (defined as “butt in seat” miles on US Airways flights only, and not partner airlines credited to US Airways). This is definitely a nice improvement, though still it’s the weakest million miler program of any of the legacies.

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  1. another indication that the new UA’s million miler program might only offer lifetime premier.

    Are you a million miler yet Ben? better get there quick if you’re not.

  2. Just flew USAir for the first time in 4-5 years and promise to never do that again. Nothing positive about that airline!

  3. I flew them recently for the first time in a year and I found their org to be busted. The kiosks nor agent could quickly do a checkin that originated on US and connected to UA.

  4. How in Cthulhu’s name are you supposed to know where you stand in your progress toward MM status? I see no indication whatsoever when I log in. (If AA & UA can manage that, it must not be so hard….)

    I almost hesitate to ask whether this covers past travel or applies only to future flights.

  5. I just received my “certificate” for having flown 1 Million Miles — a “certificate”???? Get real. If you want to acknowledge my loyalty, and business, then send along a free round trip voucher.

    Who ever dreamed up this marketing campaign should go back to school — it was an insult, not an incentive!

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