US Airways next airline to charge $25 for second bag

US Airways announced today that they would be charging $25 for a second checked bag for all tickets booked from today on for travel on or after May 5. Unlike United, though, this applies to all of their flights, which is really awful, but I’m sure United would have tried that too if it weren’t for Lufthansa.

I find it pretty pathetic that they make these changes and implement them immediately. I always thought it would be better (not to mention boost immediate bookings) if the airlines announced it for bookings starting in a week or so. Another statistic I found interesting was that only 8% of customers on US flights check a second bag, while 25% of United customers do. Makes you wonder whether that’s because people know if they check bags they’ll be lost, or what.

I’m curious to see who the next carrier to do this will be. My prediction is American, and who knows where it will go from there.

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