US Airways’ Grand Slam promotion through November 14

I realize I’m a bit late to the game here, but figured better late than never. Through November 14, US Airways is offering their annual “Grand Slam” promotion (registration required), which gives you “hits” for completing certain tasks. You can earn up to 100,000 bonus miles by completing 36 hits, though that’s kind of a challenge. Here are the ways to earn hits:

  • Cards (earn 1 hit with every US Airways credit or debit card)
  • Hotels (earn 1 hit for every mileage earning stay – max 6 hits)
  • Hotel transfers (earn 1 hit for every transfer – max 10 hits)
  • Cars (earn 1 hit for every mileage earning rental – max 6 hits)
  • US Airways Club (earn 1 hit)
  • Dividend Miles Shopping Mall (earn 1 hit)
  • Other partners (earn 1 hit – max of 1 hit per partner)

I don’t know, when US Airways miles can be purchased relatively cheaply, I have a hard time getting excited over promotions like this for a couple of reasons. First of all, it often requires crediting certain activities to US Airways which are often more lucrative elsewhere, but more importantly, it involves a lot of tracking over not that many miles. And it’s all too common for partner activity to not post automatically, in my experience. And even if it does, it can be a headache sweating it out to see if it posts in 6-8 weeks.

But it certainly can be profitable if you have the patience and time…

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  1. @Jim
    He’s referring to the current usairways bonus on mileage purchases where you can get a 100% bonus on purchased miles that you buy for $0.0275 a piece up to 50,000 which would then give you a 50,000 mile bonus.

  2. I think it’s also worth noting that at 12 “hits,” 3,000 of the bonus miles are EQM and at 16 “hits” 6,000 of the bonus miles are EQM.

    Getting 12 to 16 hits can be achieved pretty easily, so even if the promo seems too much work for the bonus miles, if you’re in need of some EQM before the end 2010, collecting the “hits” could be easier and cheaper than a mileage run. (Although, who really needs EQM on USAir this year, given the hop, skip and jump promo?)

  3. I think this is a great promo. Some of the “hits” are easy to do and cost little/no $. I’ve spent 2 hours so far and have accumulated 14K miles that I wouldn’t have normally had.

  4. BEWARE: Avis has poor customer service. I rented 6 cars and another 6 cars for my husband from Avis as part of the USAirways Grand Slam Promotion. I made the reservations online. I explained the USAirways promotion to the Avis agent where I rented the car. Nowhere in the reservation or rental process was it made clear to me that my “location did not participate” in the frequent flyer program. As a result I spent about $750 for nothing. No amount of talking, begging or crying to AVIS would convince them to give me the miles even though my ” location did not participate.” I don’t think this is very good customer service and certainly nothing that would promote my customer loyalty. I sure wish I hadn’t rented those 3 cars from Budget this past month either.

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