“Up in the Air” movie is almost here!

I posted back in March about a movie that’s in production featuring George Clooney, who plays a mileage obsessed consultant. Well, it seems like it’s really starting to come together, and we should have a trailer in the next few weeks. Check out the IMDB page, which has a movie poster and some pictures from the movie.

And check out part of the movie summary from this FlyerTalk post:

Based on the novel by Walter Kirn (who also wrote Thumbsucker), Up in the Air offers darkly humorous insights into corporate America and male mid-life crisis. Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) is a “career transition consultant” – essentially someone who fires people for a living. Hired by downsizing firms to make the personal, well, impersonal, Ryan, in his perfectly tailored suits and professionally remote manner, aces the task. Ryan’s one real emotional investment is in his mastery of business travel. His goal is to reach that elite echelon of travellers who have achieved the ten-million-mile mark.

Wait a second, are they saying mileage collecting is part of a mid-life crisis? Darn, than I have a long life ahead of me. 😀

Either way, I’m excited. I’m guessing it’ll portray “us” in a geeky and obsessed way, which in fairness isn’t all that far off. At least I won’t get a blank look when I explain to people what I’m doing anymore.

It looks like the movie comes out December 4, so I propose we all meet up and watch the movie together. 😉

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  1. Funny, I asked my partner on Monday night, “whatever happened with that George Clooney movie about the crazy flyer guy from that book I read last year?” Well, now we have the answer! Thanks, Lucky.

    Maybe we all watch it together on a UA flight from Spokane around February?

  2. I was on a MR to Vegas (ok, well, one or two nites spent at the concierge floor at Venezia)… and during departure they had him in a scene running to the gate in LAS.. Not much footage gained for the overall confusion and injuries the film crew inflicted on one poor woman who tripped on the camera platform slide. Hope the movie is good!

  3. I still think you’ll get a blank look. I can see how this will go.

    Random Person: “Why do you fly a lot?”
    Lucky: “I love to fly and accrue miles.”
    RP: “Oh. Like George Clooney in that movie. I loved that movie. So you’re a business traveler! ”
    Lucky: “No, I’m in college.”
    RP: “Oh. OK. So, why are you doing this if you have no reason to travel?”
    Lucky: “It’s a passion of mine”
    RP: “Uh..oh, look at the time…little jimmy, get away from that strange man…we have to go”


  4. “Wait a second, are they saying mileage collecting is part of a mid-life crisis? Darn, than I have a long life ahead of me. ”

    If it’s a MID-life crisis, wouldn’t that mean you have a short life ahead of you? Sorry to point out the morbid.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot of errors / incorrect facts when it comes to the mileage programs and elite status in the movie. Hollywood tends to do that.

  6. There were plenty of factual problems with mileage programs and elite status in the BOOK (which I recall reading on a transcon in 2001), so…

    And how did the quest become for 10mm miles all of a sudden?

    My vague recollection of reading the book was that he was on his quest for million mile status, which would have been earned from accumulating miles from all sources (a la American) but that the airline was hubbed in Phoenix was it, America West?

    I should probably re-read the book.

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