So, you want help with your awards….

Gary at View From the Wing made an excellent post summarizing a new service Randy Petersen is launching through Mileage Manager to help book awards. Basically, it will be an integrated online search tool that should be just about as good as it gets without human contact.

Gary also talks about Award Planner, which has since been shut down but was basically a travel agency which would help people book awards:

But not everyone has the time or inclination, and it’s not an easy endeavor in any case. I used to be able to direct folks to Award Planner, a pay service full service travel agency that specialized in booking awards. But they ceased operating.
I never talked with Randy Petersen about why he shut down that part of his business.

Well, stay tuned till Monday. Who knows, we might just have a solution to that in conjunction with the relaunch. 😉


  1. Hmm – I’m a bit puzzled at potential usefulness. Searching ain’t the problem – it’s actually, for us UA redeemers, getting the damn award . . .

  2. Lucky,
    Sounds like a way for you to make a few extra bucks on the side to help pay for trips. You seem to enjoy finding the awards too!

  3. Well, I’ve just subscribed for a month’s free trial of Mileage Manager…

    Spent 30 minutes entering in all my accounts, only to find it will take 2 days for the data to be updated… not ideal…

    I really like the idea of the service and at $15 per year it’s very reasonable… I am however disappointed by the fact it only goes and checks accounts once every SEVEN days!! That’s crazy!!

    I’d rather pay more and get at least a daily update… if not ideally some way of real-time updates…

    I’m going to give it a month… let’s wait and see….

  4. Update: After just two hours, seven of the ten accounts I entered, have updated correctly. Not too shabby at all.

    Irritatingly, on the Elite-Status Summary page, on accounts where you are already top-tier it says n/a for amount required for next status. Ideally, this should display number of points/miles required to RETAIN top tier status….

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