One of those stories that just makes me go “WOW!”

So I was talking just two days ago with a Flight Attendant friend of mine, telling her about a great experience I had a few years ago on a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong. Basically I had a conversation with the Captain of the flight for several hours and enjoyed every minute of it. At that point I still wanted to be a pilot so hearing firsthand from a 747 Captain at United wasn’t a bad place to get information. He was just so nice, friendly, helpful, genuine, and all around awesome! As it turned out as we left the hotel in the afternoon upon arrival to go sightseeing, the crew from the flight arrived at our hotel! Little did we know he was staying there too, and we had the opportunity to talk for a bit longer. It was just an incredible experience!

So anyway, back to the amazing part about this story. I was telling my Flight Attendant friend about this, wondering whether she knew the Captain I was talking about, given that she flies mostly to Asia. The name didn’t ring a bell to her, and I figured he had retired in the meantime, given you don’t last very long as a 747 Captain at United before turning 60. This morning I find an email from her saying that she flew with him yesterday, which made me speechless.

I randomly thought about sharing a three year old story with a Flight Attendant who had never heard of this guy, and the next flight she takes has him on it… crazy!

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